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Self Publishing? Sure why Not! Collaboration? Yes, Please!!!

     When I first started the journey of self publication I thought it might be difficult. I had done some research and found a mixed bag of results in the online retail stores between Quality and Unspeakably Bad and the vast abyss between these two points. Quality always stands out. A polished product with a pretty package and quality content will always rise above the mediocrity of so-so production and half-ass content or just plain old trying to rip a reader off.
     When I started it was always my intent to produce high quality Erotica at a value price that everyone could afford and in doing so not only would the reader be happy but also so would I knowing I had done right by them. But, like I said, that was my intent and we all know about good
     What I learned was that I could write a pretty good erotica story. More importantly I learned-this was way harder than I first anticipated- and boy did I need to find some help fast if I wanted to meet the demands I had set for myself and give my readers the polished product they deserved regardless of price. What could I do?
     Here's the part where I knew I had to put myself and my trust out there and share what I was up to with a few friends. One of the first people I brought on board(besides my wife of course who had always believed in me)was my long time friend Brandi. Brandi has helped me by correcting numerous errors in my text as well as pushing sentences in much needed directions and also letting me know what works and what needs work. From her input alone I saw a big increase in the quality of my writing and was able to carry that forward. So, to Brandi: Thank you friend because as always you have had my back!
     Next I met a few ladies that helped my confidence along and did the best thing for a writer that one can do. What is that you ask? Honest Feedback. If a friend of yours reads what you have written and says its perfect; they wouldn't change a thing! Guess what? They are lying to protect your feelings.That does not help you develop at all. Aww...but I made some good and kind friends who know how to criticize while building you up at the same time. We'll call them Ashley and Beth. Ladies,as always, you have done me a great service time and time again. Thank You both for helping me again and again!
     Now, I have some editing, and some beta/proof readers, some guffaws when I screw up and even some women to let me know if the way I write women is not only erotic but also honest, respectful, and believable. This is all starting to come together. What else could I use to improve my writing?
    Enter Mia Downing, respected author with a keen eye for bad grammar and a propensity to call you out on it in many finger wagging ways. I should mention, however, that each and every way is filled with truth and a true willingness to help you better yourself. She found me, taught me some things my stories desperately needed corrected and is still educating me. Another piece of the puzzle in place. Thank You Mia!
      But I know I am still missing something. Oh Yeah! Quality cover designs!!! Well, here is where I am my most weakest and vulnerable. Not only do I completely SUCK with any kind of photo cover designing program that I have tried but I also just don't have a designers eye. Here's the part of the post where a chance encounter comes into play. Vibhu, another author and a gentle soul that sings the praises of love and friendship introduced me to Aphrodite Smiles. For this act alone I shall ever be indebted to him.  His generosity and unselfishness paved the way to not only me meeting an Incredible Cover Designer but also to developing a great new friendship and Collaborater.
     Aphrodite Smiles ties the total package together with great cover designs and puts the finishing polish and Big Shiny Bow on the product making each book shine like a star in the night sky. Thank You Aphrodite for your incredible work and amazing artistic eye.      
     So self publishing was my passion but along the way when I needed to learn and grow it was the friendships existing and new and the random acts of kindness that helped put together an end product I am proud to offer my customers. So unless you are a super person I would suggest  taking any help that comes your way. Friends, the kind that can tell you like it is without being mean, are going to aid you in more ways than you could know and they will be your staunchest supporters and keep your creativity fresh and thriving.  Thanks to All!!!      Chase

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Poetic Passion Play with Guest Blogger b.l. ronan

A few words from Chase Boehner to introduce the lovely and talented b.l. ronan.
 I became friends with this talented poet through our mutual love of the written word. I happened across her sensual, moving prose quite by accident but stayed because it hooked me! It quite simply drew me in as I experienced and was moved by the emotions she wrote into life. She has made me feel her unquestioning love for the man that holds her heart. She has made me feel lost when she was lost, sad when she was sad, and both hopeful and hopeless as well as found. She has even made me feel some spicier feelings that are best left discovered on your own. So, ladies and gentlemen, the woman I am proud to call friend: b.l. ronan in her own words-

as long as i can remember, i have been in love with words. music, books, poetry - they all used language to convey an emotionally resonating experience. as a shy kid, words were my sanctuary. lost in the expansive range of the english language i was able to be all that i felt that i wasn't. i grew up using writing as a catharsis and an escape. my favorite medium was always poetry, as i had not ever been granted the possibility of more. i wrote my heart out in diaries and depressing angst ridden poems. then i went to college. i got my b.a. in english and it killed my creativity. how could i possibly write something worth reading when i am taking a course that rips apart the greats? so it was years until i picked up the pen and this time it was long form fiction. but this past fall i hit a cross roads and once again found my light in the darkness. the one thing that had saved me so many times before again came to my rescue. this time, however, it looked a little different and pushed the boundaries not only in technique but in context.

why the medium of poetry?
as crazy as it sounds, my brain seems to function lyrically. what i write, is basically what i breathe. a bit of my soul always finds its way through my pen onto the parchment and i always doubt its ability to resonate. prose has always been the true beat of my heart, so there is a comfort level in its brevity.

how does your inspiration strike you? is it through emotions or imagery or a combination of things?
like most writers, i am inspired by everything. mostly i am driven by my emotional state and the need to find a way to relieve the pressure of it. i tap very easily into my darker, shadowed places. these poems are probably my strongest because this is a space i have resided in for a very long time. there is a comfort level there and it also has allowed me to tap into the empathy that writing requires. my rl muse, images, songs - all these things create a spark that then takes on a life of its own. it can be a simple conversation that leads itself to something else entirely.

the hardest poem you ever put to print?
i don't ever find it hard to put pen to page emotionally. i do sometimes lack the headspace to truly tap into the emotive state i need in order to convey the story i wish to impart. emotionally though, my most bare piece is probably tired. i was in a really bad place when i penned it and wrote it through a haze of tears. as most of my darker poems are, this one is truly an imprint of my bruised heart.

why blogging?
i was inspired by other poets who i'd met on twitter. many were blogging and it was how i had access to their work. when i started to write more frequently and gain confidence, i decided, after many pep talks from my friends,to start a blog. it also became a place where i could chronicle my journey. i made some huge life changes when i began this path and this was a way for me to reflect and grow emotionally. i'm amazed that anyone has connected or enjoyed my words and the love and support i have received have pushed me into contemplating publishing. i hope to grow and push myself with each piece of prose and with a blog i am able to share those experiences with others.

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 Today I am EXCITED to reveal 4 Hot New Cover Designs by graphic designer Aphrodite Smiles. Not only is she lovely and charming but she is an incredible collaborater as well. Aphrodite took the time and had the patience and vision to develop these covers to compliment the images I had chosen. She encouraged feedback and was more than supportive in this project she took on. These covers are the end result of her talent. She worked with the pictures i handed to her and she turned them into something classier, sexier, and more professional than I ever could have hoped! So without further pause let me show you the new covers:
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6 out of 6-5 Star reviews for Sharing Kate: Lust Love Rediscovered

Cover Design by Aphrodite Smiles
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Coming Soon!!! New Cover and a Post about my new Cover Artist

Soon the First new cover will be revealed along with my new cover designer!!!! The first will be a New Take on the Teaching Her, Pleasing Them cover. I can't wait to reveal it!!!

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Excerpt from Teaching Her, Pleasing Them. My Best Selling EBook to Date!!

“All he does is ask for it constantly!” Cassie complained.

“So stop bitching and give it to him. I really don’t see the problem here!” I told her as I pulled my white; practically see through summer dress over my head. I dropped it down to hang on my shoulders and then I tugged my long brown hair out of the back letting it free fall, almost reaching the middle of my back.

Cassie sat in the oversize cushioned chair to my right and I fell back onto my bed to sit facing her. She sat with her arms crossed over her lush breasts while she leaned back, glaring into space, her hazel eyes fixed and hard. Her long legs were extended out, one crossed over the other. A black pump dangled from her floating foot.

“How do you see it, then?” she asked, softening a little. She puffed at a lock of golden hair that had escaped its tie. It snaked down over her right eye while the rest of her hair was cinched tightly back, gleaming in the pale light of the bedroom.

“Let me tell you about Dale and me first,” I said while sliding on a thin pair of flats that match my dress.

“Ok, Angie. I’m listening.”  

“Great! Well, you know how Dale is, right?”

“He’s a good guy,” Cassie sighed, relaxing a bit, uncrossing her arms and legs.

“No, Cass! He’s an incredible guy. He makes dinners, leaves me little surprises, cleans around the house, and always lets me know he loves me.”

“And so we should throw you the parade when?” Cassie spat out, taking a cheap shot at me. I knew she didn’t mean it so I let it go, and waited for her to settle down. “Sorry Angie. I just don’t see what exactly this has to do with me and my problem.”

Cassie rose up out of the chair, flashed me a quick smile, and then started helping me adjust my dress so it hugged my bra free breasts properly. I woke up horny as fuck this morning and planned on teasing Dale all day. You could just make out my dark nipples and areolas. One look at this and Dale would be salivating until I let him fuck me.

“Now, as good as Dale is, and believe me I’m very lucky and thankful, he’s still like every other guy. He loves his dick!” Cassie burst out laughing as I shared more. “He loves it stroked, sucked, teased, and fucked and has never been afraid to ask for what he wants. So unless I’m sick I woman up and give it to him.”

“You can’t always be in the mood.”  She said while smoothing wrinkles from my dress with her hands. Her touch was light and I felt a little heat building below.

“Of course not and it doesn’t matter. I had a revelation one day after getting frustrated with Dale for asking me for a blowjob.”

“Oh do tell.” I had her curiosity piqued and I could see genuine interest flaring up as I led her out of the bedroom, into the hall, and down to the kitchen to grab the iced coffees Dale had made us before disappearing into the living room to watch the game. I didn’t know who was playing, only that it was some foreign sport, and I didn’t care as long as he was happy.

“The revelation was that he wasn’t asking for much. How much time does it take to make Brad come if you set your mind to it?”

Cassie sputtered, shocked by my question.

We reached the kitchen and I handed her an iced coffee and then drew a sip from mine.

“How long?” I asked persistently.

“Five to ten minutes, if you must know?” She was still shocked but she was all ears at this point.

“Exactly. Listen, Cassie: if I want a good hard fucking Dale can and does give it to me for as long as I want it. Only after I’m satisfied will he come.” I stopped for another sip of Dale’s delicious iced coffee and leaned in on the marble topped island. Cassie joined me, taking the hint well and bent down to conspire with me as I continued. “But, if I am just looking to get him off it’s never more than five or ten minutes unless I want to draw it out for him.”

“Still don’t see the revelation here!” she said, idly stirring her drink.

“I realized all the little things my husband does for me he does without my asking for the most part. Enjoying your drink?”

She nodded while taking a long sip.

“Dale made them. I didn’t even have to ask. I told him you were stopping by and he just went and made them for our enjoyment.”

“Wow,” Cassie said impressed.

“Yeah, he’s good like that. So that day I was all pissy and frustrated I realized I wasn’t giving Dale what he was giving me.”

“How does iced coffee compare to sex?”

“Everything amounts to want and caring. We’re women and we want different things. Men are simpler, full bellies and empty balls and their life is perfect. In the end I just knew it was worth the small amount of time it takes to help out my hubby.” Having said that I drained the rest of my glass and waited for Cassie to get it.

“That’s it?” she said, still confused.

“Yes. Dale always tries to give me what either I want or he knows I enjoy. When I finally understood that, all my frustration melted away. I went, found my husband, and sucked his dick like it was the best thing that had ever been put in my mouth. From then on I made a vow to myself to please him as much as he pleases me. I even surprise him several times a week without him asking.”

“You do it without him asking you too?”

“Definitely! Aren’t the best things we get in life the ones we don’t have to ask for?”

Cassie nodded finally understanding.

“That leaves just one problem,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“You already know Brad’s my first and we’ve had tons of sex over the last five months….” Cassie drifted off leaving the comment unfinished.

“But?” I could sense it coming before her words confirmed it.

“I’ve never given a blow job before. I’ve barely even given him a hand job. I’ll stroke it and get it hard for him but then we usually fuck or I let him jerk off on my tits.”

Cassie’s face was beet red. This clearly had been difficult for her to share and before I realized it my mouth was getting me into trouble. “It’s easy,” I heard myself say like I was floating above us separate from my body. “I’ll teach you.”

“Really?” she asked with so much hope and relief in her voice I knew I couldn’t back out.

“Yes, really.” I said resigned to the task and a plan freshly forming in my mind. It was time to try new things. “What are you and Brad doing later tonight?”

After I told Cassie my plan I had some convincing of my own to do. Dale and Brad had met a few times but were hardly fast friends. There was going to be some initial awkwardness, but then again, a stiff cock in need of attention is quick to forget, forgive, and move on.

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Male Writers of Erotica: The New Frontier?

     It would certainly appear so but it isn't that simple considering many men have been writing erotica for awhile. I think we have become more noticeable now more than ever, partly due to the new found attention erotica is getting through sales and promotion. It's no longer a dirty subject that readers don't admit engaging in. It's the new rage at the moment and the watercooler topic at work. It may still be whispered about but it's alive and kicking like never before and creating awareness for all erotica authors both male and female. Love them or hate them but The Fifty Shades Trilogy has kicked open the doors to a fondly and publicly embraced love of all things erotic!
     Thankfully male writers are seeing themselves somewhat in the spotlight now and response from readers has been riddled with shock. Why? I think most women that read erotica are surprised at the depth of feeling and character contained within our narrative. For a lot of us it's not just about getting a quick and vividly described screw jotted done electrically for all to read and get their naughty parts tingling. The vast majority of us care as much about relationships as anyone else in the world. Many readers are surprised that we can effectively capture the voice of a female lead and write their story convincingly yet it is not usually debated about when a female author writes from a male perspective. The lines are blurring and readers are discovering that we also have an insight into the human condition bot male and female. We watch, learn, and connect because we have taken the time to put ourselves in our opposite genders position. We have had frank discussions with them and have listened and learned and felt as they have felt because we care.
     The biggest feedback by far though from my female audience is they not only enjoy and find a freshness in the male writers depiction of sex and erotica but are also pleasently surprised at the amount of respect we hold for our female counterparts. We write people as people truly are. We all want the same things. We want to be loved and to love. We want to not be afraid to show our insecurties and be punished for having them.We want to be able to trust completely and have that trust returned in kind. We want to know there is a place where we belong and in that place there is a kindred soul that belongs there by our side. Many of us think about al these things as we write so don't be surprised if you get more than smut for your money. In fact you should demand it!!!!!
 Chase Boehner


Hi! I'm Mia Downing and I write erotic romance. The idea for Just Ask started when my editor asked me to fill in for a series. Boys Of Summer features hot guys in summer settings, outside, on the beach and living it up. So I thought, what better place than an island resort in Fiji? Unfortunately, the story was too long for the series (not my fault--I didn't know there was a length requirement) and it probably wouldn't have worked anyway (not enough sun and sand time.) I'm not the least bit displeased! Everything for a reason, right?

So what is Just Ask about? It's a contemporary m/m erotic romance set in the beautiful Fiji Islands. It's a gay-for-you, meaning one of the male leads isn't necessarily tuned into the fact (yet) that he could be gay or bisexual. I think in this case Jordan is definitely bisexual and he's just been waiting for the right person to come along. That person is Ryan, half owner of the island resort Jordan has inherited.

I love writing the dynamics of male/male relationships. There's nothing hotter than two flawed men finding love in paradise. I hope you agree!
When business mogul Jordan Hill inherits half of Bendura Island Resort, a posh vacation destination in the Fiji Islands, the will demands he release his half uncle's ashes somewhere on the island and that he indulge in a real vacation before he sells. As Jordan is reeling with grief and under good circumstances doesn't do vacations, especially if they include horses and looming volcanoes, he finds himself on uneven footing. The footing turns treacherous as Jordan realizes, for the first time in his life, he's attracted to a man--his new business partner.

For resort entrepreneur Ryan McCale, Bendura Island is a dream come true as well as his livelihood. He was warned Jordan would try to sell sight unseen, and after meeting him, there's no doubt the business shark has dollar signs in his eyes. But there's also vulnerability and desire in that chocolate gaze. Suddenly, Ryan's looking forward to showing Jordan the delights of the island and hoping to convince his new partner Bendura could be his dream, too.

This title contains: explicit language, anal sex, light D/s, and M/M.
Rosebud (212 pages/48704 words)
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61217-749-6

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How Much of What You Write is from Personal Experience?

     Now this is the most popular question of all among readers. The answer is very little and Let me explain. As far as the sex scenario's and the different kinks involved very little of what I write we have engaged in. My wife and I are very monogamous and we aren't the sharing types but that would make for some very bland and boring fiction. Fiction is an escape and should be approached as such. That doesn't mean that nothing from the bedroom doesn't make it into my books. Quite the opposite in fact. In each story I always include at least one little tidbit from our sex life that has that extra bit of intimacy or spice to it. What bits are those? Mum's the word on that. I have to let the readers keep guessing on some stuff now don't I? And isn't it a bit more fun not knowing what parts may be written from reality and which ones weren't. Everyone will pick something different and I believe that heightens the fun of my erotica; if only by a little. But, just knowing there is a bit of truth in each story does help the reader keep that sexy little glint in their eyes as they peruse each explicit line and wonder- was this the part from their bedroom?
      The human relationships in the story are where a writer has to stay true. I always ask- "How might someone in this position, given who they are, react in a realistic manner?" From there your characters can find their voice and they will guide you properly down their rightful path. Stay true to your characters and that will be reflected in your fiction and appreciated by your readers.
     The question itself though has fascinated me because I think this is the only genre where that question is asked. Nobody asks in scifi if you really went to a far away planet and had an intergalactic adventure. That would be silly. Equally silly is asking if in our horror fiction we really helped save a town from a vengeful demon or in romance if that billionare really swept us off our feet and made all our dreams come true. And lastly we don't all have nine plus inch penises and 34DDD breasts. We are just people like you. But if you write erotica imaginations are sparked in the naughtiest of ways. Isn't that part of the fun? ;-)
     So next time you read a piece of Erotica from me just remember that somewhere buried in all that steamy sex is a kernal of truth. I'll let you decide what kernal  that is. ;-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Big Question. Why Erotica!!!!

     Why Erotica is a question- that as a male erotica author- you get asked a lot. For me the answer was simple but had many parts. The first piece of the puzzle was that it was fun. FUN!!!! Yes, fun. It helps to have a bit of fun now and then when writing. It helps keep the mind fresh in other endeavours and keeps creativity flowing. The added bonus you get as an erotica author is the readers that check out your books are very generous and vocal in their support of your characters. Even in shorts readers get as attached to your characters as you do. Which leads me to reason number two.
     Reason number two is I believe I have something different to add to the genre. I noticed when researching this topic before actually writing in it that most of what I read had to do with cheating, bdsm, taboo, wife swapping and various abusive themes to females.What I noticed was missing was a strong core of erotica based on couples that are not only happy together but also are respectful of each other. The sexual scenarios that they engage in are always through the consent of their mate and that makes the taboo's they explore hotter instead of cheap and tawdry. That, of course, is just my opinion on erotica. But I am trying to create my own niche and thus far it is very well received and seems to be quite fresh to a lot of readers.
     Finally, it seemed like a very supportive community to be involved in. Well, that turned out to be truer than I could have imagined. Since my humble beginnings in this genre many other authors and fans have stepped forward and helped me improve along my journey. It has been an overwhelmingly humbling experience to see how many people there are out there that are just kind and generous beyond what I could at first reason. By far the most fun and rewarding aspect of this whole thing has been the friends I have made and the interactions I have on a daily basis with people that just ooze quality. To them I say thanks. You all know who you are as I speak to you on a daily or weekly basis and it's because of you that I am writing away and thrilled to be an erotic author!!
    So Why Erotica? Because every facet of this journey so far has been and incredible and enlightening experience. :-)

TOP 1000 Amazon Reviewer On Teaching Her, Pleasing Them

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Sneak Peek at Chase Boehner's New Erotic Short Entitiled Sharing Kate, Lust, Love Rediscovered

Tonight would either make or break us. I’m not sure who was at fault but surely a lot of it rested on my shoulders.  A dark cloud of past relationships gone horribly wrong had fucked with my head. Am I too damaged to have a healthy relationship? What is a healthy relationship to me? Questions I didn’t have the answers to. Questions Kate needed answers to as much as I did. First, let me tell you how we got here, standing outside a house (more like a palace) in a neighborhood I could never afford to live in. I’d be lucky if they let me mow their lawns. But here we stood keys in hand, waiting to go in and roll the dice to see if our love crapped out. It was my first key party but according to Kate, her fourth. That was fun to learn about!

Kate is my latest attempt at something special and the start of our relationship had been anything but normal. We met at the coffee shop where she works. I strolled in there every morning and my favorite barista Talia would have my iced vanilla latte ready and waiting. Kate would be scurrying around managing the staff and stopping by the counter to bestow the random hello she graced the occasional guest with. She was hot as hell with long straight blond hair and a figure nice enough to fight through her business attire and still showcase her curves. But she never really caught my attention like Talia.

Talia was the reason I went there. She was tall with smooth, soft ebony skin. She usually styled her hair straight and let’s it hang to her mid back most of the time. What I really loved about her was how fit she was. I had learned that she was a runner and had even participated in a few marathons. Her well defined legs and pert, proud breasts were a testament to her commitment to fitness. Her eyes were a deep brown and she could melt your heart with a single look. I knew she was married (lucky bastard) but I was just innocently crushing on her.

Then, one slow morning during a snowstorm, Kate came over to join us in small talk. Outside the café windows lay pure white out conditions. Traffic was slower than walking and schools and businesses were closing by the minute. Luckily for me “Kuppa Kafe” was staying open.  I was already off for the day and I lived in an apartment down the street on the corner.  The walk had taken longer than normal and with the conditions I was the only customer they had when I arrived.

“Good morning Carter.” Talia said from behind the counter. My coffee was ready and the cool moisture from the cup was starting to run over her long fingers. Talia had a passion for French manicures and her nails were always immaculate. On more than one occasion I had furiously fisted myself to a shuddering orgasm imagining those fingers pumping up and down my generous girth.

“Good morning Talia. It’s a total mess outside; glad to see you made it in safe and sound.” I drank in her smile as I approached, shaking the snow from my head and shoulders, as I marveled at the full lips and brilliantly white teeth that sparkled back at me.

“Daniel saw me in safely, thanks.”  Talia waved off my money as I tried to pay. “Kate says it’s on her today.” She said jerking her thumb behind her where Kate was making her way from the small office in the back.

“Hello Carter, enjoy the coffee.” Kate said flashing her own blinding smile in my direction.

“Thank you. Are you sure though; I don’t mind paying?”

“Please Carter; trust me when I say it’s not a problem. You spend plenty of money here and we aren’t going to make a dime today with the Alaskan Tundra outside.”

“Fair enough, but you’ll have to allow me to return the favor some time.” 

“She’s free tonight!” Talia yelled out even though we were all within a few feet of each other.

“Talia!” Kate screeched, casting a look colder than the storm directly at her barista.

“What? You are free! And Carter, little Miss Kate here has had an eye on you for quite a while.”

“Oh my God! You are so fired!” Kate was almost yelling at Talia now and her face was as red as her lips.

“No, I’m not. You would die without me and you know it. I’m just helping you out. I’ll do it again. Carter did you know…..” was all Talia got out before Kate slammed a hand over her friend’s mouth.

Talia bit her.

“Ouch! You bitch!” Kate scolded her as she shook the pain from her fingers.

“Wow, you called me a bitch. So original,” Talia was almost laughing now.

I had just been standing there watching, sucking down my vanilla latte. A loud slurp echoed focusing all attention back on me as I realized I had drained it while ogling these two beauties fighting. I also had a hard-on pressing uncomfortably in my jeans against my zipper. I made a quick mental note to relieve the pressure later. Kate would be joining in my Talia fantasy for the first time as I stroked this boner to release.

“Carter, I’m so sorry and embarrassed. But fuck it, yes I like you. I sneak a peek out every morning to see you. I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable?” Kate was purple in embarrassment and for the first time I felt an intense attraction to her. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was pretty in a naughty business woman way or just the fact that she found me attractive.  Either way I was now interested.

“He’s okay with that, aren’t you Carter?” Talia said from the counter while reapplying lipstick.

“Yep. Sure; totally okay with it.” I said like an eighth grader talking to his first crush.

“Besides Kate, you aren’t making him uncomfortable; that big beef stick trying to push through his pants is doing that.”

And BOOM!! My face matched Kate’s as my hands shot down to cover my hard-on. I was contemplating many escape scenario’s now as Talia started laughing. I was certain I could never show my face here again.

“God, Talia, what has gotten into you today?” Kate gasped, but she couldn’t stop herself from staring at my crotch.

“What? It’s just the three of us in here; Hell has frozen over and you live so far away you were going to sleep in the office. I was trying to set you up with some company. You’re both welcome by the way.” And with that Talia flipped her hand at us and walked away.

“So, I should probably be going?” I said my face still flush with embarrassment but my boner still raging.                    

“No, Carter, please stay? Have a drink with me. I would like the company if you don’t mind?” She started towards a table in the far corner which sat next to the electric fireplace. I fixated on her skirted ass and sheer stockings (a black line running down the back of each leg) and followed her over.

“Here you two lovebirds go.” Talia said appearing at my side. She set down two hot coffees and a small tray of sugar and creamer.

“Talia please……please just…..just go.”  Kate smiled and waved her away.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lezbhonest4U Guest Post!!

Todays guest post is by the nonprofit organization Lezbhonest4U. You can like them on Facebook and you can find their link on the right hand side of my blog halfway down the page. The following text is directly from the organization:
Ok here it is: Our mission is to help our community. We help others figure out who they are, help family and friends come to terms, give advise when needed, and have fun doing it. We accept everyone for who they are. No matter if your lesbian, gay, bi, Trans., or straight, all is welcomed. We are also trying to stop bullying and build a safe house. Our crew is always available if anyone needs anything. So, from the LezBHonest4u crew, we welcome you to join our mission and the fun.

    Two Bloggers for your consideration!!

    Friends, followers and blog hoppers,
    Through out your daily travels you may look to be moved by a post or poem or any tidbit of literature that catches your eye but if you are looking for that rare experience of being touched by what you read and being moved to the core by honest and soul baring emotion then you owe to yourself and your friends of like mind to check out the beautiful words given to us from the hearts of these two beautiful, talented, caring, and all around incredible souls. To the right of my blog please direct your attention to the links provided of The Obsessive Compulsive Thoughts of a Chick and The Sacred Road. Although they are both beautiful and kind, the souls within reflect a beauty that is undying and eternal and betters the live's of all those they touch. Give them a moment of your time and and you will be returning daily because they accomplish what is hardest to do: They make you feel! Ladies, you honor me with your presence on my blog, Chase Boehner!

    Monday, February 11, 2013

    Monday Musings and Thanks!!

    Good Morning All. I hope the day finds you well and that your muse is by your side. So many people are responsible for me being here and now for my blog. Big thanks to Mia Downing for helping me set it up and for inspiration. Other people that motivate me on a daily basis that are sizzling hot and must be mentioned are Ashley, Beth L., Brandi, Mirabella, Jason Jaxx, Elizabeth Woodham, Chloe Thurlow, Cameron Lincoln, and Brandon. Some or all of them have blogs linked to this very site and should be checked out! Thank you all!! The greatest mention and the pillar of all I do will always be my beautiful wife who inspires me daily to chase this crazy dream and keep making it a happy and substantial reality.  Love to all, Chase

    Sunday, February 10, 2013

    What do you the reader want me to explore?

    Let me know what topics or themes you want to see explored in my fiction!! Sound off by replying to this post!!!

    Favorites! Sound off here.

    Ok readers and fellow bloggers who among my characters are your favorites and want to see in more stories? Tell me who they are and why you like them. What makes them deserving of more to tell?

    Sizzling Hot Reviews for Teaching Her, Pleasing Them

    Coming Soon!!!

    Watch this spot in the next week for a special sneak peek ay my new erotic short!!!


    Hello all and welcome to every person that stops by to follow this blog. I am still learning the ins and outs of blogging and hopefully will be getting better all the time. If you are a fellow Erotica blogger of any kind feel free to link up with me and we can expand together. Love to all, Chase Boehner.

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