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Erotic/Horror Cover and Book Trailer Reveal of: The Need

Hello Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers. Today, I am bringing you the cover and book trailer reveal for my new mixed genre piece: The Need. I am beyond excited to venture forth into horror as it is one of my true loves. I had a tremendous amount of fun writing this story and I even got to make some new friends through it. I want to take a quick moment to thank the two lovely ladies at Bitten Press, AB and WM, who first enticed me over into their world. It’s a lovely place to play, both dark and sexy, and with a mix of genre’s and authors for almost any taste. I also want to thank my cover designer, Aphrodite Smiles, who never fails to brighten the day of anyone she comes in contact with.

 And now, upon The Needs release on 6/30/13, I hope that the story of Alexis will entertain my readers as well. So without further delay-I’d hate for your teas or coffees to go cold during my ramble- the cover and book trailer for The Need!

Or watch here at: Youtube


Chase Boehner is a writer of erotic fiction who also dabbles in other genres. He writes to provide escapism, intrigue, fun and fantasy into the daily life of his readers. Books are the minds playgrounds and Chase wants your mind to play hard and leave satisfied. Reading should be an adventure, long or short, and Chase hopes to provide the excitement in the journey. Chase writes to turn you, the reader, on and to hopefully provide the spark your day was missing. His shorts are designed to be a fun joint read with a partner or to be read as a solo adventure. How you play is your choice.



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Jordan Rowe Gives You A Taste Of: DARK!!!

Welcome Readers and fellow Bloggers. Today’s treat is a visit from author Jordan Rowe and she has brought with her a sampling of her erotic novel, DARK. So settle back, get comfy, and fill up your own dark beverage. Allow yourself a mere sip and then read the exclusive excerpt below. Ready? Then give yourself over to the Dark!

Cheers, Chase


Jordan Rowe is an average woman that joins an exclusive club called, DARK. Every client is given a thorough examination. Only a few are accepted.

Before going inside, the clients drink a shot (or two) of Dark Ice, which hides the pain in your body and heightens your senses. No masks. No blindfolds. You crawl into the club that is pitch black and have sex with 19 strangers. The only thing left to do is enjoy your DARK experience…
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The only thing Jordan could see were lit numbers about twenty feet in the air circling around the area. She looked behind her and saw the number nine, which led back to her room. There was no way to tell the size of the area, but it felt big as a gymnasium.

            She moved across the thick matted floor on her hands and knees.

In preparation for this, Jordan had shaved and waxed every part of her body; legs, armpits…even down below. She did not want someone touching the hair on her body and being turned off. She then wondered if the other eighteen people in this room felt the same way.

            Also, what did they look like? How would they feel when she first touched them? Skinny? Fat? Muscular?

            Jordan had been with women before, but only a few times. Also, both her husbands had attempted to arrange a threesome. She knew it was more for their pleasure, rather than for hers.

            The only other fetish that her first husband had was to wear masks during sex. Not the kind of silk masks that covers your eyes, but Halloween type masks. Clowns. Zombies. Aliens. And other monsters.

            Jordan realized that the darkness brought out her deepest thoughts; images that she attempted to hide in her subconscious. She hated both of her ex-husbands and never wanted to think about them. However, in the dark, it was just about impossible to control her wandering mind.

            Someone brushed by Jordan. She waited on her hands and knees for the person to return.

            They did.

            Jordan could hear them breathing, but was not sure if it was a man, or woman. The person touched her arm, then flinched back. Jordan’s heart banged so hard against her chest she felt dizzy.

            “Can I come closer,” the female voice asked.

            Jordan did not know what to say. “Sure,” she whispered.

            The hand reached out and blindly touched Jordan on the neck, then moved her fingers downward to Jordan’s arms. The woman gently pushed Jordan to the floor and crawled on top of her.

            Jordan felt clumsy as she moved her hands along the woman’s body. The woman had wide hips with a modest amount of muscle and plumpness. Her breasts seemed a little on the smaller side for the size of her frame. Jordan continued her examination, feeling a thick amount of long hair that ran past the woman’s shoulders.

            They kissed.

            Her lips were thin. Her fingers trembled along Jordan’s shoulders and the weight of her body shifted to the side and crawled off. “I could use another shot of Dark Ice,” the woman said with pleasant laugh. Her accent was Latino, or perhaps Spanish. Jordan could not tell the difference.

            Someone else brushed by Jordan’s feet. A hand reached out and touched her ankle. The fingers were thick and strong.

            It was a man.

            He let go of her ankle. Then for the next few seconds, Jordan remained on her back, anticipating either the girl to reach over and touch her, or the man to crawl on top of her.

            Neither happened.

            Instead, just inches from her ears, the woman next to her began moaning. The man’s breathing a steady rhythm, followed by deep groans.

            He was fucking her.

            Jordan felt embarrassed and even a bit jealous. Why did they both pass on being with her? She wanted to crawl back to her room, get dressed, hurry to the limo, and never return to this place.

            Both the man and woman grunted with the obvious sound of a simultaneous orgasm. Other moans could be heard in the distance. Jordan was still laying there like a fool who had not been worthy of their attention.

            “You still there?” the woman asked.

            Jordan turned her head, wishing she could see the woman.

            The man touched her thigh. “She’s still there. I’ll show you.”

            Jordan felt both sets of hands touch her. She quivered, not knowing what to do. Should she touch them back? Or are they just mocking her?

            The next sensation was nothing like she had before. Both the man and woman found her pussy with their tongues. They licked the sides, then deep in her, both moving at a different pace. Jordan arched her back and rubbed her own breasts. She felt so good that she could have floated to a different planet. She trembled through several orgasms as the licking continued with relentless strokes.

            Then, she felt the man inside of her as the woman eased her body next to Jordan’s. She kissed the woman as the man slid his cock in and out, bringing her to another orgasm. The woman squeezed Jordan’s breasts as Jordan wrapped one arm around the man and the other around the woman.

            The man fucked her slow at first, then picked up the pace. His thrusts became more intensified, letting out soft groans. The woman shoved her tongue deep inside of Jordan’s mouth.

            Jordan had yet another strong orgasm.

            Then, someone else joined them. It was another man.


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hi. This is Celia Demure, I am a writer of highly naughty smut, which currently I publish independently on the Amazon Kindle store:

Mr. Boehner graciously allowed me to say a few words to you about my influences and my work.

I have adult ADHD. In women, this often takes the form of rambling conversations with “oversharing,” missing social cues, daydreaming…  In writing it means I tend to write things in bursts and out of order. I use a lot of ellipses (the … symbol) because I leave things hanging and jump from one thought to another. I’m surprise, actually, that no one’s ever complained about that in my writing!

Sooooo I’ll try and keep this relatively brief (for me) and touch on some salient points as to what inspires my writing. Like most of my thoughts, it’ll be a little random, some little juicy tidbits of thoughts…  


How did I get into erotica?

Truthfully, I was corrupted by 19th century porn novels as a teenager. I mean, it’s not like I was never interested in guys or sex before I read them, of course I was… but it was Victorian erotica that really inspired me, both in terms of writing and my perverted imagination in general.  Autobiography of a Flea, Night in a Moorish Harem, The Lustful Turk, The New Epicurean… God I LOVED those books.

(Night in a Moorish Harem in particular features the titular harem full of ladies begging the hero for his seed, hoping he will make them preggers, saying things like, “Aye! That will make a fine blue-eyed boy!” after he cums in them. I think I picked up a life-long breeding fetish from that...)

My friend’s older brother had a footlocker full of “adult” materials in his bedroom, with a combination lock on it. I mean he had EVERYTHING…  Including some stuff that in retrospect was pretty gross. But he also had a bunch of paperback reprints of these naughty books from the 1800s. I fell in love with them instantly. He let me have a bunch of them… I don’t know if it was because I was a girl asking for them, or because he found them boring, maybe both.

I kept a bunch of them (the Victorian porn paperbacks) tied up with a pretty ribbon under my dresser in my room, dog-eared with my favorite passages. Those books nurtured my love for detailed, flowery, yet highly sexual prose and stories of virginal young ladies submitting to eager, handsome, well-hung gentlemen. The message in those old underground books, was that sex was something for women to enjoy, they didn’t need marriage or romance to give in to their animal desires and experience it. It was all counter to the mainstream of the Victorian culture which was pretty repressive towards women. I’m not sure if I understood the socio-political context at the time, but I knew what I was reading was exciting and HAWT.

My mom was always kinda religious and, even more so, preoccupied with worrying about her girls becoming “loose” (i.e. promiscuous; even back in the ‘80s when I was young, that term seemed outdated…) So I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised when I came home one day after she’d been cleaning, to find the pretty ribbon lying limp on top of my dresser and my hidden cache of antique porn books gone forever. (Thanks to the Kindle store I’ve managed to track down public domain versions of most of those old books now, still… Dammit mom!)

But, even though my mom threw away the books, the damage had been done. My young brain had been warped by that moldy purple prose and the scenes it described, and I was a fan of erotica for life.


Chase has asked me to talk about my story “Phallus of the Stone God”:

This story germinated for many years, and it was one of the first I tried to write… Though the earlier versions were never finished. After publishing my first few stories, I finally had enough confidence to get me through it. Though, to be truthful, I wanted to quit a couple of times… The writing was sloooow. I got pretty obsessed with the details. I had to get every moment right, every inch--

--of the TWO FOOT LONG(!) stone dong that the virgin heroine has to take ALL THE WAY to save her people. See, it’s the cock of a fertility god statute, and he (the god) needs to be FULLY SATISFIED.

Yes, the idea is innately silly, as some reviewers have taken great delight in pointing out. There’s shadowy temples and orgies and magical coochie-stretching potions… But I had a lot of fun--and got really turned on writing it.

The original idea came from reading about how, in ancient Greece, young girls would have their maidenhoods taken by a statue of the fertility god Priapus, with their families and others watching. That seemed so perverse that I couldn’t get the idea out of my head.

I now think that the historical existence of such a ritual may be questionable. The only reference I can find to it is in the book I originally read when I was in high school, “Extraordinary Endings of Practically Everything and Everybody,” by Charles Panati. I am thinking now that maybe Mr. Panati was just a kinky bastard who wanted to sell books, and he probably made the whole thing up.

But it doesn’t matter… For me, the idea stuck. And it got exaggerated in my head so that the stone cock became GIANT SIZED, the ritual not just a deflowering but a test of womanly stamina and, uhh, internal flexibility.

By the time I got around to finishing the story, I realized the fantasy was a bit silly, maybe even dorky, I didn’t know how people would react. So I was surprised when so many actually liked it, and it became my best-selling work so far.



Why do I write what I write? I mean, in terms of the fantasies/subject matter?

That’s a question I get a lot… Or, on the other hand, people assume that the books are real or what I want to be real, that I want what befalls my heroines to happen to me ‘IRL’ as it were.

Firstly, I write about what turns me on to imagine and fantasize about. There is a difference between reality and fantasy… Most kids know this, but it’s amazing how adults tend to forget.

There are two main themes in most of my work so far… BREEDING SEX and GIANT COCKS, to be blunt.

Breeding sex is a fantasy and a fetish. In theory, it’s the most natural kind of fetish. Sex to produce offspring, procreation… That is nature’s program, isn’t it?

But we women in the modern world spend much of our lives (or at least our sex lives) trying specifically to avoid pregnancy. Which makes sense; babies and children tie one down and severely limit one’s options, and birth control was key to giving women equality and freedom, including sexual freedom.

But the more one tries to avoid something, the more power the idea of that thing takes on. And thus sex for impregnation’s sake has become a bit naughty, taboo… There’s a delicious tension in the concept, at least for those who are tuned into the fetish.

There’s also something kind of wild and animalistic about the idea. Most breeding sex stories, after all, aren’t about happy committed couples trying to have a baby with their own spouse/partner. Either the guy, gal, or both are reluctant; they are strangers; the wife is getting knocked up by someone else other than her husband; the male is another race or species entirely; etc. etc.

To justify this crossing of taboos, the idea of animal breeding instincts coming to the fore. Woman casts civilization aside and surrenders herself to the lust of the ravaging male, longing to be filled with his seed. The guy loses all politeness and pounds her pussy for all its worth, his primal male drive kicking in, nature forcing his body to inseminate her.

It’s wild and freeing as a fantasy; the idea of mating like animals without a care. In the process, of course, lots of rough, sweaty sex happens, which I love to read—and write—about.

My submissive side also likes the breeding stuff because it represents a type of natural male domination. If the female is at all reluctant, that tension sweetens the deal as the hunky male fucking her wins her over with pleasure… She surrenders to him even knowing that he’s going to fill her with his DNA, create a new life inside her, and create drastic changes in her own body.

I don’t think I’m going to win over anyone who’s not already turned on by the idea of breeding sex as a fantasy. But I think I’ve explained why I like it…

Do I want this in real life, to be knocked up by a stranger or an alpha male husband of my best friend, or even “bred” by my husband? Am I aiming to become the next Mrs. Duggar?

No. I have kids, I don’t want more, I take the pill. I was a MISERABLE pregnant woman, anyway.

But the IDEA of breeding sex, the fantasy, that yummy tension… Ummm! I don’t want another pregnancy, I know it’s highly unlikely with us taking precautions anyway. But do I still ask my husband to “seed me” and “knock me up” just because saying it gets me off? Yeah, I do… Maybe I’m weird that way.

Now about the GIANT COCKS… My other little fetish…

As I wrote above, my most popular story involves a two-foot long stone dingus. I’ve just recently published a story called “Stretched and Ruined” about a 14-incher that is so big it literally alters the heroine’s feminine anatomy by the end of the story:

Why so ridiculously big? Do I truly want my male readers to feel woefully inadequate?

Not really. Actually—and this may be getting into TMI territory—

I had a really big one once, back in my days of youthful abandon. Like 9 inches. Brief version: He was a douche, it hurt, I cried, I bled… IRL that’s when I realized there’s such a thing as too big. Hubby is on the upper end of average and I’m fully satisfied… No big cocks, no big toys, I don’t want to be stretched brutally, really.

So why write about it?

Again, it’s drama. Size is frightening, dangerous, powerful… Especially if it’s a MONSTER dick like in some of my stories.

This is probably also another fantasy that developed in my youth. I was shy, I was a virgin for… Well, into college, at least. I was fascinated by the idea of sex, but also a little scared about penetration. I always imagined that things would be a tighter fit than they ended up being when I finally “did” it, with more pushing and forcing and stretching involved. The idea of him working to “get it all in” became part of my naïve fantasies… and it stuck.

Oh, and back to my mom always worried about me being “loose” when I was younger… I guess in a way, maybe, I subconsciously wrote these stories as a response to her. The heroines of “Phallus of the Stone God” and “Stretched and Ruined” certainly end up VERY loose after their encounters with these monster dongs! Ha.



Writing erotica has been rewarding for me. I’ve made a little bit of money, I’ve met a lot of new people, especially through Facebook (lots of pretty cool people, and a few strange men who send me unsolicited pics of their man parts… Guys, that’s just rude, c’mon! Sheesh.)

Writing and self-publishing erotica can also be very frustrating, though. At least once a week I tell myself I’m done with this crap, I feel like I’m wasting my time… But I’ve still managed to put out nine titles so far. Something keeps me going, I guess.

There is an odd shame factor involved in writing erotica; at least, for me, there is. I use a pseudonym because I’m a mom with school-age kids, also there are religious people in my family who live very close by. Their own hypocrisy notwithstanding, there would be no end to the weeping and wailing and frantic praying for my salvation if they found out about my smut writing career. So I have to keep things secret.

Also, with kids and family around, there are times when I’d love to whip out the laptop and work on my latest torrid tale, but I can’t due to prying eyes.

My husband is supportive, but still, sometimes I feel guilty. I’m spending a lot of time writing about giant cocks and breeding and such, hardly something I can brag about. Wouldn’t it be better if I spent more time with my family, or tried writing a Young Adult book that my kids could read?

Amazon also treats erotica writers like we’re naughty, evil bad children much of the time. No clear rules as to what is acceptable or not, no subcategories to classify my work, my books now hidden from the “general” search on the Amazon main page (and I believe my sales have suffered for it… “Phallus of the Stone God” escaped their notice for a long time and remained on the main search page, but they finally caught it recently, sinking its sales). So I feel like I’m on probation even as I’m making money for them. I don’t know how I’d ever sell anything without the exposure Amazon’s free promo days gives, though… So I’m kinda stuck. 

It would be easier to come out of the shadowy, slutty world of erotica and write something else, certainly? I consider doing so every day… But I also don’t want the bitches/bastards to win, maybe that’s what really keeps me going!

If I do leave behind writing straightforward smut, it’d be to do erotic romance instead. Which would mean keeping the intense, detailed sex scenes, but having plot and actual deep character relationships. There does seem to be the possibility of more readers and more feedback there. And perhaps a bit more social acceptance… I’m working on a sci-fi romance novel now, been plodding through it for a while. I’m trying to avoid all of my usual “slutty, dirty talk” (as one reviewer of my story “Swap Too Far” put it) and make the dialogue more acceptable for romance readers, that’s been a real challenge! I LOVE dirty talk but it’s been stressed to me recently that many women don’t, so I’m trying to adapt. Such is the lot of the indie author!

-Celia Demure


Erotic Escapades in Print and Digital Formats!!

Hello All, Chase here with a fun update on my end. My Erotic Collection, Erotic Escapades is now available in print as well as digital formats. Thanks to Bexxful for putting the bug in my ear to go down the print path for this and for all the others who chimed in with a wish to have it in paperback to hold and place on their shelves. Thank you all who pushed me toward this next step and thank you to anyone that ever purchases any book of mine and thank you all who have ever been kind enough to leave a review. Your unending support is both humbling and appreciated more than you will ever understand.
                     Cheers, Chase


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Sneak Peek with Samantha Fontien, author of How to Catch Butterflies!

Welcome Readers and Bloggers to another sneak peek of a newly released book. Today author Samantha Fontien stops by for a visit and shares a quick intro to her book as well as a few excerpts that are for the 18 and over crowd. Pour yourself a fresh cup of whatever does it for you and settle in for a saucy stay.

Cheers, Chase

Introducing Samantha Fontien’s brand new book, How To Catch Butterflies. 

I would describe my book as an emotional roller coaster of up’s and downs as you join Rebecca and her best friend Lucy on a whirlwind adventure that is LIFE, and boy do these girls know how to live!!

My story revolves around two main characters –  Rebecca, a beautiful, clever young woman who settled down way to young and had convinced herself she had made her bed, so she would lie on it as so to speak.

However, Rebecca suffers domestic violence at the hands of her fiance of 7 years, David. He grinds her down, alienating her, from her friends, until one evening, he takes things too far….

With the help of her equally beautiful, sassy best friend Lucy, Rebecca rebuilds her life. She finds the strength to leave and move on from David. She learns how to live, have fun and find herself again.

My story is based in London, with both women having very successful careers, and all the luxuries that come with such a lifestyle. They work hard and play just as hard.

Along the way, both girls find love, break hearts, and they do both with class and style. There is international travel, both in work and pleasure, and there’s lots of saucy pleasure to read with both girls antics.

Excerpt 1:

 George & Lucy

* Lucy’s tongue flicked, gliding over his chest to his abs as she unbuttoned his trousers.

Her hand slipped inside his trousers as she cupped his tip, then gliding over his big throbbing, awaiting cock. Lucy slowly knelt as she pulled on the trousers letting them drop to the floor. She continued to fondle his long hard member.  

She took him in her mouth, her tongue flicking over it as her lips moved up and down his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper each time.  George had out-stretched his hands against the wall to steady himself as she moved up and down on him dipping vigorously. 

“Oh God Lucy,” he moaned. He wanted to grab the back of her head and thrust his cock into her, but she was moving with more vigor and her mouth was too inviting.  

It took all his concentration just not to cum. 

“Oh God Lucy,” he cried steadying himself once again with the wall.  He wanted to tell Marvin to shut the fuck up about the.... 

“I've been really trying baby.... trying to hold back this feeling for soooo long…” He was trying not to cum and the music and lyric’s really wasn't helping his urgent situation. As ‘Let’s get it on’ filled the air.

He grabbed Lucy’s arms and pulled her gently up to him. George starred into her eyes, his body trembling.  If she touched him anywhere he would have released his load, there and then.

Lucy had a glint in her eye as she turned and faced the wall placing her hands against it 

“Are you going to arrest me?” She whispered as she looked over her shoulder seductively.

George’s body trembled still. He saw her back arch; she was awaiting him to take her. He quickly pulled her lace panties to the side, grabbing his length, slipping it inside her slowly in fear of erupting.  George forced her up against the wall as drove himself into her, still desperately trying not to cum with every thrust he made.

He could feel her clench down on him; she was so tight which only heightened his arousal.  Even his tip throbbed and tingled. He stopped, trying to remain still, trying not to move a single muscle as she squeezed down on him again.   He tingled from head to toe. 

Excerpt 2:

 Jackson & Rebecca

Jackson's eager hands moved to her exposed breasts his fingers out stretched over each as he squeezed them firmly, he wanted her bad, he had done since he met her. 

He could see her nipples, he tweaked and fondled them, until he sat up, cupping her buttocks lifting her gently, raising her up, so her breasts were at his mouth level, taking a nipple in his mouth as he toyed  with it teasing it harder with his teeth and tongue.  

One hand moved slowly from her buttock, gliding over her outer thigh, moving slowly till it was sliding over her wet panties.  His hand moved with purpose gliding back and forth over her love button, flicking, toying at it with the tips of his fingers over the satin. 

Jackson felt like his cock would burst through his trousers at any moment in eagerness to get to her.  He had never wanted a woman so bad as he had wanted Rebecca


His thrusting started slowly but firmly, she could feel herself throb, as he moved deeper and deeper in her.  She was utterly consumed by him as she moved with him, their rhythm, in perfect time, he was making her moan, with every driving force his cock made.
Amazon Purchase Link: How to Catch Butterflies

FB Author Page: Samantha Fontien Author


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Free Book! Double Her Fantasy by Randi Alexander Plus Contest!!!

Hello Readers and fellow Bloggers. Today author Randi Alexander stops by to tell you about her freebie and give you a sneak peek into her hot new book. She also offers you all a chance to win some free Randi Alexander Swag. So don’t delay, read on, enter her contest, and enjoy.

Cheers, Chase


Free Book! Double Her Fantasy by Randi Alexander, and a Chance to Win a Sexy Nightshirt and Two Other Fun Prizes


Hi - I’m Randi Alexander, and I’ve got a couple fun things going on this week. My erotic ménage romance is free at Amazon June 4 - 8. Published by The Wild Rose Press, it’s a hot and romantic story that I hope you’ll enjoy.


Drop by my website for multiple chances to win a cute nightshirt (sizes S - 3X) with my tagline printed on it, a big coffee mug, or a handy flask necklace. Click here to enter.



BOOK BLURB: At a comic book convention, artist Megan Shore is thrilled to meet action movie hunk Garret McGatlin. Usually reclusive, Megan flirts with the leading man of her sexual fantasies. He invites her to his suite for a drink, but when she arrives, his rancher brother Trey opens the door and unleashes Megan's cowboy fantasy. Both men pour on the charm, and she can't decide which of them she desires more.


The McGatlin brothers have shared women, but none of them were like Megan, irresistible and perfect for both of them. Working together, they execute a potent seduction. During a hot, amazing week, the three-way relationship becomes emotionally charged. When they're thrown into the media spotlight, Megan fears the exposure will trigger a past threat. Garrett and Trey need to prove they can keep Megan safe as well as happy and satisfied in their arms.


Available at


EXCERPT: Trey kissed Megan’s neck as Garret gripped her hair in his fist and slid his cock along her ass crack, groaning with each thrust.


“I need you now.” Her mouth watered as contractions rippled through her core.


“Sweetheart.” Her cowboy licked a trail up her neck and nibbled on her earlobe. “I'm going to lay on the bed. You crawl on top of me.”


“Okay.” She would be the student tonight.


He sat then eased back, his feet still on the floor. He took her hands and pulled her closer.


She kneeled over him on the bed, one leg on each side of his hips.


“Megan.” His hands spanned her waist. “If anything doesn't feel right, you tell us.”


“Should she have a safeword?” Garret growled from close behind her. The snap of the lubricant bottle opening made her heart beat a little faster.


“How about 'stop'?” she teased. “Safe enough?”


Trey chuckled. “Works for me.” He waited a beat. “Garret? You there?”


He rubbed circles on her ass cheek. “Yep. Stop means stop.” His fingers slid between her cheeks. “Right now, baby, I'm ready for go.”


Her cowboy placed her palms on his hard pecs and stared between her legs. “Move up just a couple inches until you feel my cock at your pussy.”


She did, and the touch of his blunt head against her swollen lips made her body shimmy with delight. Hot drips of her cream eased along her labia and down the insides of her thighs.


Garret kissed her spine, then lower, trailing his tongue into her butt crack and down to her anal opening. As he licked her puckered hole, sparks of pleasure rained through her core and zinged up her back.


Her brain fogged and all she could think of was her men's touch, their sensual demands. Her eyes closed and her head dropped forward, her hair forming a curtain that puddled on Trey's chest.


Replacing his tongue with a fingertip, Garret dropped cool lube at her anus and circled his finger around her tight hole. “Your sweet little rosebud. Fuck. I want to pop the head of my cock inside you and let you tighten so hard, I come right then.”


Her ass cheeks clenched as a burst of heat scalded her from the inside out. “Take me, Garret.”


* * * * * * * *

I hope you like Double Her Fantasy, and good luck in the contest!


"Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"



Double Her Fantasy is free in digital format at Amazon

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Ellen Dominick Interviews me, Chase Boehner at Her Lovely Blog

Hello Readers, Friends, and Bloggers,

Ellen Dominick was gracious enough to have me over to her blog for lengthy Q&A session. It was an enormously fun interview and full of tough questions. Please stop by and read it and give me your thoughts. Leave Ellen a message too if you could to let her know you stopped on by. Thanks and Cheers, Chase

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Castles Burning Part Three by Nicole Ryan

Welcome readers and please enjoy an exclusive sneak peek into the Castles Burning World of author Nicole Ryan. Part Three of this exciting series is just released and should not be missed. Have a look and check out the links after the post. Enjoy our guest. Cheers, Chase

Castles Burning is a series of Novellas that follows a young woman named Amber. In part one, Amber is home on leave from the Navy, hoping to spend a nice, romantic weekend with her friends. We learn that she has experimented with BDSM in her sexual relationship, but really she knows nothing about it, aside from what she is learning naturally along the way. When unexpected tragedy strikes, and upturns her world, Amber must find a way to heal while also preparing for her first deployment.


In book two we are on the ship, and Amber’s learning to love and trust again, and that of course means, lots and lots of sex. Part two has all new characters, new settings, and we even take a trip to Singapore. Amber has an instant connection with the kind, and quiet Dean Cross, but is pulled by the dark, mysterious Chief of her division, Adam, who knows more about BDSM and what Amber craves, than even she understands.


If you’re looking for a love story this won’t be for you, but if you’re looking for adventurous kinky group sex, nightclub make outs and sex rituals that take place on a fictitious Navy ship full of hot sailors, it might be right up your alley. Stay tuned for the love and passion that was in part one to return in part two, when we are faced with another twist in Amber's story. Castles Burning Part Three will be available June 1st!






My heart started to race and I hurried into the bathroom, splashing water on my face. It felt light and not quite cool, a strange detail I’d never noticed before. I looked up and stared at myself in the mirror. I leaned in very close, my nose nearly touching it and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and remembered something I’d read in a book, or seen in a movie once. If you can’t even stare at yourself in the eyes for one minute, the problem you’re seeking to fix might be within. I forced my eyes open and looked in the mirror, really looked. My heart thundered in my ears as I leaned in, examining the reflection before me.

Have you ever really looked at yourself in the mirror, leaned in very close and searched the depths of your eyes? Have you ever had a picture in your mind of what you saw when you were looking in the mirror… and dismissed it? It’s tough to lean in close and just examine yourself, not posing, or smiling; just being you. Have you ever stared so deep into your own eyes that you could make out the menacing hills and valleys that make up the vibrant color, deep beneath the clear surface? 

I hadn’t. In that moment, stuck somewhere between dreams and reality, I realized I never had really, truly seen myself.