Sunday, February 24, 2013

Excerpt from Teaching Her, Pleasing Them. My Best Selling EBook to Date!!

“All he does is ask for it constantly!” Cassie complained.

“So stop bitching and give it to him. I really don’t see the problem here!” I told her as I pulled my white; practically see through summer dress over my head. I dropped it down to hang on my shoulders and then I tugged my long brown hair out of the back letting it free fall, almost reaching the middle of my back.

Cassie sat in the oversize cushioned chair to my right and I fell back onto my bed to sit facing her. She sat with her arms crossed over her lush breasts while she leaned back, glaring into space, her hazel eyes fixed and hard. Her long legs were extended out, one crossed over the other. A black pump dangled from her floating foot.

“How do you see it, then?” she asked, softening a little. She puffed at a lock of golden hair that had escaped its tie. It snaked down over her right eye while the rest of her hair was cinched tightly back, gleaming in the pale light of the bedroom.

“Let me tell you about Dale and me first,” I said while sliding on a thin pair of flats that match my dress.

“Ok, Angie. I’m listening.”  

“Great! Well, you know how Dale is, right?”

“He’s a good guy,” Cassie sighed, relaxing a bit, uncrossing her arms and legs.

“No, Cass! He’s an incredible guy. He makes dinners, leaves me little surprises, cleans around the house, and always lets me know he loves me.”

“And so we should throw you the parade when?” Cassie spat out, taking a cheap shot at me. I knew she didn’t mean it so I let it go, and waited for her to settle down. “Sorry Angie. I just don’t see what exactly this has to do with me and my problem.”

Cassie rose up out of the chair, flashed me a quick smile, and then started helping me adjust my dress so it hugged my bra free breasts properly. I woke up horny as fuck this morning and planned on teasing Dale all day. You could just make out my dark nipples and areolas. One look at this and Dale would be salivating until I let him fuck me.

“Now, as good as Dale is, and believe me I’m very lucky and thankful, he’s still like every other guy. He loves his dick!” Cassie burst out laughing as I shared more. “He loves it stroked, sucked, teased, and fucked and has never been afraid to ask for what he wants. So unless I’m sick I woman up and give it to him.”

“You can’t always be in the mood.”  She said while smoothing wrinkles from my dress with her hands. Her touch was light and I felt a little heat building below.

“Of course not and it doesn’t matter. I had a revelation one day after getting frustrated with Dale for asking me for a blowjob.”

“Oh do tell.” I had her curiosity piqued and I could see genuine interest flaring up as I led her out of the bedroom, into the hall, and down to the kitchen to grab the iced coffees Dale had made us before disappearing into the living room to watch the game. I didn’t know who was playing, only that it was some foreign sport, and I didn’t care as long as he was happy.

“The revelation was that he wasn’t asking for much. How much time does it take to make Brad come if you set your mind to it?”

Cassie sputtered, shocked by my question.

We reached the kitchen and I handed her an iced coffee and then drew a sip from mine.

“How long?” I asked persistently.

“Five to ten minutes, if you must know?” She was still shocked but she was all ears at this point.

“Exactly. Listen, Cassie: if I want a good hard fucking Dale can and does give it to me for as long as I want it. Only after I’m satisfied will he come.” I stopped for another sip of Dale’s delicious iced coffee and leaned in on the marble topped island. Cassie joined me, taking the hint well and bent down to conspire with me as I continued. “But, if I am just looking to get him off it’s never more than five or ten minutes unless I want to draw it out for him.”

“Still don’t see the revelation here!” she said, idly stirring her drink.

“I realized all the little things my husband does for me he does without my asking for the most part. Enjoying your drink?”

She nodded while taking a long sip.

“Dale made them. I didn’t even have to ask. I told him you were stopping by and he just went and made them for our enjoyment.”

“Wow,” Cassie said impressed.

“Yeah, he’s good like that. So that day I was all pissy and frustrated I realized I wasn’t giving Dale what he was giving me.”

“How does iced coffee compare to sex?”

“Everything amounts to want and caring. We’re women and we want different things. Men are simpler, full bellies and empty balls and their life is perfect. In the end I just knew it was worth the small amount of time it takes to help out my hubby.” Having said that I drained the rest of my glass and waited for Cassie to get it.

“That’s it?” she said, still confused.

“Yes. Dale always tries to give me what either I want or he knows I enjoy. When I finally understood that, all my frustration melted away. I went, found my husband, and sucked his dick like it was the best thing that had ever been put in my mouth. From then on I made a vow to myself to please him as much as he pleases me. I even surprise him several times a week without him asking.”

“You do it without him asking you too?”

“Definitely! Aren’t the best things we get in life the ones we don’t have to ask for?”

Cassie nodded finally understanding.

“That leaves just one problem,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“You already know Brad’s my first and we’ve had tons of sex over the last five months….” Cassie drifted off leaving the comment unfinished.

“But?” I could sense it coming before her words confirmed it.

“I’ve never given a blow job before. I’ve barely even given him a hand job. I’ll stroke it and get it hard for him but then we usually fuck or I let him jerk off on my tits.”

Cassie’s face was beet red. This clearly had been difficult for her to share and before I realized it my mouth was getting me into trouble. “It’s easy,” I heard myself say like I was floating above us separate from my body. “I’ll teach you.”

“Really?” she asked with so much hope and relief in her voice I knew I couldn’t back out.

“Yes, really.” I said resigned to the task and a plan freshly forming in my mind. It was time to try new things. “What are you and Brad doing later tonight?”

After I told Cassie my plan I had some convincing of my own to do. Dale and Brad had met a few times but were hardly fast friends. There was going to be some initial awkwardness, but then again, a stiff cock in need of attention is quick to forget, forgive, and move on.

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