Thursday, June 6, 2013

Erotic Escapades in Print and Digital Formats!!

Hello All, Chase here with a fun update on my end. My Erotic Collection, Erotic Escapades is now available in print as well as digital formats. Thanks to Bexxful for putting the bug in my ear to go down the print path for this and for all the others who chimed in with a wish to have it in paperback to hold and place on their shelves. Thank you all who pushed me toward this next step and thank you to anyone that ever purchases any book of mine and thank you all who have ever been kind enough to leave a review. Your unending support is both humbling and appreciated more than you will ever understand.
                     Cheers, Chase



  1. I'm very happy to have placed that bug, and my copy is on the way! *happy face*

    Now I'd like a tee shirt, and a badge. ;-)

  2. Had to submit a review on this one. Really enjoyed the steady drum beat of the sex scenes! You've got some great smut here. (And I love the cover!)

    1. Thanks Max, much appreciated and glad you enjoyed it. :-)