Friday, June 14, 2013

Erotic/Horror Cover and Book Trailer Reveal of: The Need

Hello Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers. Today, I am bringing you the cover and book trailer reveal for my new mixed genre piece: The Need. I am beyond excited to venture forth into horror as it is one of my true loves. I had a tremendous amount of fun writing this story and I even got to make some new friends through it. I want to take a quick moment to thank the two lovely ladies at Bitten Press, AB and WM, who first enticed me over into their world. It’s a lovely place to play, both dark and sexy, and with a mix of genre’s and authors for almost any taste. I also want to thank my cover designer, Aphrodite Smiles, who never fails to brighten the day of anyone she comes in contact with.

 And now, upon The Needs release on 6/30/13, I hope that the story of Alexis will entertain my readers as well. So without further delay-I’d hate for your teas or coffees to go cold during my ramble- the cover and book trailer for The Need!

Or watch here at: Youtube


Chase Boehner is a writer of erotic fiction who also dabbles in other genres. He writes to provide escapism, intrigue, fun and fantasy into the daily life of his readers. Books are the minds playgrounds and Chase wants your mind to play hard and leave satisfied. Reading should be an adventure, long or short, and Chase hopes to provide the excitement in the journey. Chase writes to turn you, the reader, on and to hopefully provide the spark your day was missing. His shorts are designed to be a fun joint read with a partner or to be read as a solo adventure. How you play is your choice.




  1. Chase, you always have the most amazing words... and I thank you. Working with you is a pleasure... and you are definitely one of my favorite writers.

  2. Great job to everyone involved!! Can wait to read it looks like a great book Chase.

  3. I must drop a line...Chase....your cover is amazing and I am waiting to get my copy. I love anything supernatural and erotic. So glad to have met you.

  4. Thank you ladies for your kind words and sentiments. They are greatly appreciated. :-)