Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Intimate Peek Into the Erotic World of Chloe Thurlow

Thank you all for visiting. Today I am happy to Host an Interview with the Very Talented Chloe Thurlow! Her writing is intimate and always a worthwhile journey.  Chloe gives us an indulgent peek into her Erotic World and what drives her characters and narrative. Please enjoy this very special sitdown.

1.) What Defines the Chloe Thurlow Erotica experience between the pages?
The first rule of erotic literature for me is that it is literature - well-written, original, with fresh ideas and insights. I try to make my characters real, dynamic, interesting and interested in new experiences - experiences that may be new to the reader and takes them into new places. I like alliterations, wordplay, subtext and try to bring to my erotic novels the immersive, compulsive feeling you would get from, say, Milan Kundera or Gabriel Garcia Marquez - or Anais Nin.
2.)What sub-genre in Erotica most influences your work? (bdsm, spanking.etc...)

Having discovered that pain is the mysterious bedfellow to pleasure and spanking can be so extraordinarily erotic, I explored this sub-genre in my early novels. While a jolly nice bit of spanking creeps into the pages of my later work, I have developed a taste for romance and find the interplay between love and kink an exciting new continent to explore.
3.) What book of yours is closest to your heart and why?
Of my 5 novels I would have to say "The Secret Life of Girls" because there is a strong element of autobiography and I just feel that it "works" best. Plot is driven by character. Get the character right and she will tell you where the story is going. Pin down the character and the book writes itself.
4.) What future projects can readers expect from you?
I am in the midst of writing a novel called "Love Hurts" and was asked recently to write a short story by Sweetmeats Press, which I decided to set in Cambridge the year I started university. I thought about some of the people I studied - Jean-Paul Sartre, Marcel Duchamp, Georges Bataille, and have got carried away weaving them into a seduction story involving my protagonist's tutor. I am not very good at writing "short" and the word count is already over what the commissioner's asked for but I believe stories have their own length and they tell you when they are finished.
5.) What was your introduction into the world of Erotica?
I was given a copy of "A Spy in the House of Love" by Anais Nin. I was hooked immediately. I read everything by her, everything. It was actually my tutor who persuaded me to write my first erotic story and it was published in a literary magazine. I showed my Mother and we have had a tetchy relationship ever since.
6.) What title of yours is a good jumping on point for new readers?
Before readers dive into a novel, "Flight 69" would be a good start. It is about sex on a plane, but I took the old cliche and stood it on its head...I tried anyway.

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  1. Wonderfully enlightening...Having devoured everything that Chloe has made public to date, I can't wait for 'Love Hurts'. Please let us know when Sweetmeats Press goes live with your shortie.

    Well done Chase - another brilliant blogspot :-)

  2. Presently reading my way through Chloes works and have found each one enjoyable as well as educational. Some scenes so vividly descriptive of acts I had never imagined, I know I held my breath while reading them! Keep up the great work. Mary

    1. Thanks for stopping by, reading my blog, and leaving a comment. Your visit is very much appreciated. :-)