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Shades of Shame Blog Tour Stop!!!

Today at Chase Boehner Erotica the Hot New Release Shades of Shame is here for a fun and exciting guest post. Check out the cover, the exciting excerpts, and then enter the rafflecopter contest!! Cheers, Chase

 Shades of Shames

Release May 24, 2013

Christopher and I are from the coastal area of South Carolina, what the locals would call the ‘lowcountry.’  We live a quiet life nestled just outside of Charleston with our eighteen dogs and one cat (Jenny), who thinks she’s a dog.

Chris and I started writing short stories for each several years ago.  As time passed, our stories got a little longer, and one might say a little more developed.  With Christopher’s support, I was able to dedicate my time fully to writing, and with his help published my first book in 2010.

Our focus now is developing a more complete storyline filled with rich, robust characters.  Concentrating on character development, scene development, and storyline development has been both challenging and rewarding.  Most of all, the ability to work with someone who understands constructive criticism has hopefully made us both better writers with each attempt.

We love to get emails, and we’re working on a blog site where we can post some spoilers and such.  We check into facebook periodically, and need to get back onto my blogs and, so look us up!  Or contact us at or!


Shades of Shame Blurb

To the average eye this Washington D.C. power couple seems to have it all:  power, money, status.  What they really have is a firm grip on the image they portray.  However, like most couples in this social circle, they live very different lives behind closed doors.

David and Elise McNarry are a seasoned, political couple, and they understand the importance of appearance. They also understand that their relationship is based on love, not sex.  And while they’re still both madly in love with one another, they have grown apart over the years.

Facing the consequences of exposure, their chief political strategist and friend Patricia Johnson comes up with a plan to put out the fires before the media can fan the flames.  But when things don’t go as planned, it’s more than feelings that are at stake.
Excerpt  1 from Shades of Shame

Most men would have been all over her by now.  Logan was taking his time, forcing her to wonder if he had any interest in her.   He was sweet, attentive, and sexy.  She could definitely see herself pushing him down and riding him like a cowgirl.  For the moment she was dragging him into the den and onto her overstuffed leather couch.  He chuckled slightly as their eyes met, and Leila began to giggle once again.  She couldn’t help it, and before she knew it they were laughing out loud as hard as they could.  She was comfortable, his heavy warm arm around her neck, but she wanted more.  She wiped her eyes as the tears began to form at the outer corners of her eyes.  He wiped her face, and there they were:  frozen.  Seconds later, their lips met once again.

This time he was a little more forceful, but still a long way away from the type of lover she liked.  She pressed her lips into him, harder as his tongue ran across her lips.  His hand moved to her breast, and she grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand down her stomach and between her legs.  He clumsily fumbled around her crotch like an inexperienced school boy touching a woman for the first time.  She could see she was going to have to take matters into her own hands, so to speak.

Shivers scrambled down her spine the second her fingertips touched his skin, and she pushed his button down shirt even further open as her palm slid across his chest.  Enormous, she thought as she bent down to kiss his skin.  Her lips were on fire, matched only by her lust as she took a deep breath and inhaled him.  I could get lost in this.  His hands finished unbuttoning his shirt as he pulled the tails out of his waistband, opening himself up for her.

He kissed the top of her head, nuzzling his nose into her hair and enjoying the attention he was getting.  She ran her hands across his stomach and into his crotch.  The pure heat rising gave way to the best surprise of the evening.  Her hands ran across the lump in his shorts, down the length as she marveled at its sheer size.  She fumbled with the lone button that held his shorts together, anxiously trying to free her prize.

She pushed him back against the couch, slid off the edge and crawled between his legs.  “Let’s just see what you’ve got here.”  She said it, and even she couldn’t believe the words flying out of her mouth.  But all that would be gone in seconds once she got his zipper down.  Holy crap, she thought as she reached inside his shorts.  Her hand felt the massive girth of his cock as she realized that her fingers couldn’t even wrap around it.  It was huge.  Easily the biggest one she’s ever held in her hand, or hands she thought.  Here she was thinking that he was all mushy, soft and sweet.  But this cock was definitely something to write home about.  She doubted it would even come close to fitting, but she was more than willing to give it the old ‘college try,’ so to speak.


Excerpt 2 from Shades of Shame


The phone stopped blinking and David McNarry lifted his head and his eyes narrowed in on her, “You were telling me what your type of man was.”

“Right.  My type.  You really want to know my type?”  Leila settled back into her chair and sipped her drink.

“Yes Leila I think I’d be very interested in that information,” David smiled conspiratorially.

“I like a mature man, a little gray around the temples, and one that views his experience as an asset.  Someone who knows what they want, and isn’t afraid to do anything to get it.”  She watched him carefully to see his reaction.  Most people would have thought her words were too forward but David smiled slightly.  It was as if he expected those very words to flow from her shiny pink lips.


“Anything.  But most of all, someone who could take me as their own, not afraid to objectify me, and use me as they wished.”

“Sounds pretty daring.  Not much of a romantic, are we?”  This was clearly a test, she thought.  This was his way of seeing if I were serious.

“Not at all.  For one to be romantic, you must put more into lovemaking than I have the time or inclination for.  No, just give me the raw, carnal sex, and don’t hold back.  I like it…” she said with a whisper as she stood and approached him, “rough.”

The Senator cleared his throat, making a loud, obvious sound in order to convey not only his surprise, but his approval.  “I see where my son could fall short, now.  He’s just like his Mother:  a hopeless romantic.”

Leila walked around the back of his chair, trailing her hand across his chest and around his throat.  “I haven’t seen Logan in years, Senator, but I hear he’s still a good boy.  Good boys are nice, but they bore me.  If he knew what I was thinking right now, he’d be ashamed of both of us…”

“There are many shades of shame, my dear.  You just have to find the one you’re comfortable with,” his breath became heavier with her closeness.

“Exactly.  And you, sir?”  Leila ran her fingers through his hair, pulling his head back and forcing his gaze to the ceiling.  “What are you comfortable with?”

He let out a muffled laugh, faint, but audible enough to get his point across.  “I’m certain we could find a shade we’re both comfortable with.”
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I Have a Sit Down on Penny's Naughty Couch. Very Revealing!!!

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Penelope Jones. You can find her blog link in my blog list on the right hand side. It's always worth a visit and is always fun. Check out the link below to read this fun and revealing interview and to get her take on Keeping Kara!!! Cheers, Chase

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Welcome everyone to The Red Phoenix Cherry Poppin’ Blog Tour. I am but one stop on this journey into the world of Brie and I do hope you enjoy what we have to offer you on this site. There are many links to explore amongst the reading highlights below and each should be visited for the full experience and offers. I hope you enjoy your time here and please list this blog by name when you fill out the Rafflecopter contest for your chance to win amazing prizes from not only Red Phoenix herself, but also the other authors who are contributing to this tour.  So, without further delay please check out the excerpts, spotlight and various links below and please enjoy your stay.  Cheers, Chase




His Touch (Brie Learns to Obey)

Instead of coming to her, Sir leaned against the wall and stared at Brie—at her naked body, strapped down and eager for him. She basked in his gaze. It was just like the photo she’d admired; her fantasies were now her reality.

“Some men think they need toys to excite a woman, but I don’t believe that. No, I believe firmly in the power of touch.” He continued to gaze at Brie, without making a move towards her. The fact he was taking his time made her want him all the more.

When Sir finally pushed away from the wall and walked towards her, she was literally trembling in anticipation. When his hand lightly touched her stomach, she gasped. All her awareness was focused on that one area. He gave her a leisurely smile as his fingers made their way up to her breasts.

Marquis Gray’s Flogger (Brie Learns Her Power as a Submissive)


“Turn and close your eyes,” Marquis Gray commanded as he produced a ribbon of black lace. “I find lace far more attractive than traditional blindfolds.”

He moved away from her, but soon returned, placing more ribbon in her hand. “It’s black, like your blindfold. Feel it. I want you to envision what it looks like.” She fingered the long, narrow length of ribbon. It was silky smooth, incredibly soft. “This will act as your bonds.”

He replaced the silk with a handful of lace. “It’s a deep burgundy. Touch it, pet.” Brie played with the lace in her hands, noting the roughness of it. “This will be caressing your body in a few minutes.”

Marquis Gray took it from her and left her side again. When he returned, she heard him chuckling under his breath. Brie held out her hand, but he lifted her other hand and placed the item in both. She was worried when she felt something heavy that also smelled of leather. She caressed it with her fingers and a cold chill gripped her heart. One end was a hard handle, and the other had numerous leather tendrils. A flogger.

He leaned in close to her ear, his warm breath on her neck. “I am an expert at what I do. By the time I finish, you will be begging me for more.




Red Phoenix’s Playlist Used While Writing Brie Learns the Art of Submission


For Marquis Gray: Marquis knows the power of pain in the right doses, and the right settings.

Something For the Pain Red Light King 


For Tono Nosaka: Tono loves Brie, but his is a gentle love.


Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol  


For Falean: Faelan knows Brie is meant for him. He will do whatever it takes to make her his.


You are Mine by Mute Math


For Sir: As Headmaster, he is forced to abide by the rules of the institution even though he is irresistibly drawn to her.

Spectrum by Zedd


When I was writing a naughty BDSM scene: I love the naughty beat and lyrics.

Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment


For the Collaring Ceremony: The words speak for themselves – a very heartfelt moment

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova


At the end: This was suggested by one of my fans after I completed Brie. It matched my mood at the time AND Brie’s heart the moment they got onto the elevator.

Euphoria by Loreen

Author Spotlight

Erotica is a delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and the body ~Red

Red Phoenix is an award winning indie author who started her writing career in December of 2011. She is best known for her novelette, Brie’s First Day of Submissive Training, which was published in March of 2012. The little book created quite stir when it was released. Since then, fans have been riding the Brie wave with the sociable author. In October 2012, Red published the wildly popular eBook serial into novel form, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. She is currently writing Brie’s continuing journey in the serial titled After Graduation, due out in novel form September 2013.

“I am a happily married woman who believes, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.” Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.

“One thing you will notice about my work, I'm all about variety. If a character beseeches me to write his or her story, I willingly give myself over no matter the genre or subject.”

* Red Phoenix has a total of fourteen titles available as eBooks (not including serials.)  Two of her novels are also available in paperback.

First published as the popular nine-part eBook serial, Brie Learns the Art of Submission is now available as a full-length novel.

Join Brianna Bennett as she is introduced to the erotic world of submission...

Brie’s life changes the day Sir comes to her tiny tobacco shop. His invitation to the Submissive Training Center is about to rock this young woman’s world. The renowned school is famous for its elite submissive instruction. She has no idea what will be asked of her or the boundaries that will be pushed. One thing is certain: Brie is about to learn more about herself in six weeks than she has over the previous twenty-two years.

From formal classes, hands-on practicums and weekly auctions, Brie will confront her deepest fears and desires. In the process, she will also forge lifelong friendships with fellow submissives and fall for several of the Center’s skilled Doms.

As graduation day approaches things begin to unravel, forcing Brie to make an unexpected choice of Master. Which Dom will ultimately earn her devotion and capture Brie’s courageous heart?

Adult Material (18+)

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content and scenes that some readers may find objectionable.


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Thoughts on Inspiration!


stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, etc, to special or unusual activity or creativity
Many things define inspiration to each individual but I believe the above definition to be the most accurate. There are of course other definitions for inspiration but when I read this particular one the thought that strikes me about it is a sense of suddenness surrounding it. Isn’t this how any work is created?
I would also like to include the word MUSE as part of this whole inspiration event. We writers often speak fondly or heatedly about finding our muse or the muse having left us when in fact what we are truly lacking is the inspiration to carry an idea forward or to have one to start on at all. This may not hold true for all, but I would bet for a great many of us this is more often than not the case.
Inspiration is at all times our greatest companion as well as being our greatest foe.
When you have it in bountiful amounts and the words are flowing like wine from a full carafe, than life is exactly as it should be and the fever of creativity is alive and coursing at full speed through our harried, yet satisfied minds. The wrongs of the world are righted and when the fever abates we are left with something to share with the world. A shiny badge pinned on our shirts or blouses that screams, “Look what I have made!”
But what about when inspiration is nowhere in sight and the cold carcass of creativity lies crumbled to dust, blowing away with the slightest breeze and leaving your mind parched and desperate for its electric spark?
To me the greatest source of inspiration is and always will be the people I know. Just yesterday when looking for the start of a new story a simple conversation with a friend sparked within me a great idea. Afterward, I could hardly wait to put my fingers to the keyboard and start the steady tapping of newfound inspiration. The dam had broken and the synaptic sparks flew as an overflowing cascade of thoughts and characters and places filled me to brimming with the outline and details of my new piece.
And this is where inspiration is fickle. Did a conversation you avoided cheat you out of the next great idea? Did the one you just have suddenly strike a match that you will nurture into the inferno that defines you as a writer?
Well, one can and will never know. What I do know is I wouldn’t be as excited as I am now with the freshness of a new creation budding to life on my screen without that talk with my friend. And the stories I’ve written in the past such as Keeping Kara or the as yet unreleased The Need would never exist at all without past interactions with other friends.
The value of people is often dismissed in today’s society. As people are our life’s blood in this business, be it through their purchases or as in the many supporting roles played to help make a writer actually become an author, we can never overlook the casual daily interactions that might lift us to greater creative heights by merely listening and actual hearing with all our awareness.
Inspiration is all around us. Are you paying attention?



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Author Spotlight on Red Phoenix


Coming up in just a few short days on this blog and many others is the Red Phoenix Cherry Poppin’ Blog Tour. So today to whet your appetite and give you a brief introduction to this award winning Erotic Author I am proud to give you the merest peek into the bestselling author of the Brie Series.



Author Spotlight

Erotica is a delicious fantasy created to entice both the mind and the body ~Red

Red Phoenix is an award winning indie author who started her writing career in December of 2011. She is best known for her novelette, Brie’s First Dayof Submissive Training, which was published in March of 2012. The little book created quite stir when it was released. Since then, fans have been riding the Brie wave with the sociable author. In October 2012, Red published the wildly popular eBook serial into novel form, Brie Learns the Art of Submission. She is currently writing Brie’s continuing journey in the serial titled After Graduation, due out in novel form September 2013.

“I am a happily married woman who believes, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in my writing.” Red is a mother of three and wife to one. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.

“One thing you will notice about my work, I'm all about variety. If a character beseeches me to write his or her story, I willingly give myself over no matter the genre or subject.”

* Red Phoenix has a total of fourteen titles available as eBooks (not including serials.)  Two of her novels are also available in paperback.


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Spotlight Feature on Chloe Thurlow and her Best-selling How-to Book: The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena

Dear Readers, today you are in for a rare treat. We have Best-selling Erotic Romance Author Chloe Thurlow in to teach us a few tricks of the trade. And by tricks we mean hard work and a focus on the dynamics of writing in this ever growing field. Are you an author? Are you a reader? Both then, I take it? Well, sit back, snuggle in and sip from a fresh steeped cup of Earl Grey as you get an intimate sneak peek into Chloe Thurlow’s dazzling How-to Guide for Writing Best-selling Erotic Romance: The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena.

Cheers, Chase

A well-constructed novel is a puzzle the reader is obliged to work out for themselves. Don't tell them anything – 'The woman seemed to be walking on a cushion of air and every head turned as she entered the room.'

Is she beautiful? Does she have a sexy walk? I haven't said so, but the reader is doing the puzzle. There are books and websites galore with info on show don't tell. Here's my own simple rule:

·         She was sad = TELL

·         She wept = SHOW

A novel is a promise with no urgency to be fulfilled, an expectation not realized, preferably until the last sentence when there is often a temptation to explain, like repeating the last line of a joke, and the temptation is to be avoided. If they haven't got it yet, they never will.

Good writing is demanding, obsessive; a sickness. It gives you insomnia, headaches, dependencies – coffee, alcohol, promiscuity. There is something in the artist gene that craves the extremes; the view from outside the herd. All artists, all great artists, are monsters and are never fully sated or satisfied.

When you have finished writing something, the creative right side of your brain may feel content, but the hysterical voice on the analytical left screams out as you are about to press send: 'Come on, Chloe, have another read through, one more edit. You can make it better.' When you finally do let go of the book, short story, the essay, the relief is tainted by a feeling of failure – the spur to start again.

Even if you write a best-seller like Fifty Shades of Grey, with all the cash and acclaim comes the acid attacks of ridicule and criticism. A lot of feminists and intellectuals slated the quality of EL James's writing, though their numbers never amounted to more than a few murmurs in the wind compared to the 50 million people who devoured the trilogy and hungered for more, the seeds of the current explosion in erotic writing – and my own decision to write The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena.
Having published five novels and penned numerous essays on erotica, I set out in the Phenomena neither to praise nor damn Ms James, but divulge her clever twist on the genre. What she did was write a romance and add the hot sauce of erotica, rather than writing an erotic book with a sprinkling of romance. It sounds simple and the best ideas usually are.

Is the Fifty Shades trilogy a brilliant piece of literature? Best-sellers rarely are. But the books are competent, the dynamic between the two protagonists is compelling, and the sex scenes have the girlie naivet̩ readers would expect when seen through the eyes of Anastasia Steele. These are essential qualities in writing modern erotica Рqualities that can be learned, nurtured and honed until your writing sparkles like the stars.

They say writing has no rules. That's not true. There are rules of grammar, construction, technique. If you want to break the rules, the secret is to know them first. Like playing tennis or learning to juggle, writing grows easier with practice. The more you practice, the better you get. After finishing a piece of work, put it away in a drawer for a week and come back to it with fresh eyes, revise with honesty until you can say: yes, that's good; or no, that's dreadful, back to the keyboard.

I have a test. If I think to myself, Mmm, that will do, those three little words are a warning. It won't do. And I start again.

How do you name your characters? How do you create realistic conflict? When the man takes the woman upstairs to his hotel room, should you describe the room and, if so, how long should that description be? There are no easy answers; often it is a question of what 'feels' right, and acquiring that feeling, that sensitivity is what I set out to distil in my book, making it as much a source of inspiration as well as a guide.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena contains samples of my own work, excerpts from the Marquis de Sade – from whom EL James owes a debt far greater than most of her readers realize, and pointers on driving your story forward through ordeals, climaxes, turning points and conflict – the engine of all fiction. In May, the book passed 10,000 sales and has received many reviews, the few contained here describing how writers have improved their writing after reading the book.

Liz Adams: "Because I write bestselling erotica, I didn't expect to learn anything from this book. Boy, was I mistaken! Chloe Thurlow's Fifty Shades of Grey Phenomena is a must read for every writer wishing to incorporate sex in their fiction."

KL Prince: "I enjoyed the book and can see an improvement already in my style and refreshing my attitude. I had begun to feel lost but now my rudder is strong and my compass again is true. I shall never stray from my course again."

Elizabeth Woodham: "Thurlow opines that a good writer rarely needs the word 'very' but Chloe Thurlow is very, very talented indeed. I'm so jealous I think I will implode."

Shiralyn Lee: "Chloe Thurlow has certainly given me an insight into writing in the erotic genre. She explains how and what works in the right places. She has used a mainstream best-seller and explained clearly on how it became a BEST SELLER! This book is informative and well worth the read."

To all writers, learn the tricks and remember the secret: never give up.

Twitter - @chloethurlow1

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I Sit Down in the Hot Seat with the Ladies of So The Story Goes!!!

Today I am fortunate enough to be in the hot seat at the beautiful blog So The Story Goes and the Ladies ask me some fun questions. Please follow the link and have a look. Cheers, Chase
Like the interview? Leave them a comment please. :-)  Follow this link:

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b.l. ronan's Cover Reveal for her New Book of Poetic Mastery: Saudade

ladies and gentlemen:

i can hardly believe the day has finally arrived for me to share this milestone - my baby - with you. this beautiful cover was conceived by the exceptionally talented @justarandomscot and i have been so excited to share his creation with you.

so without further cover!!!!!


isn’t she beautiful! it is the epitome of my writing process. curled up in my bed (we need ambiance for such steamy scenes -- hehe) with my notebook and pen, laptop at the ready, and coffee cup not far out of reach. this very space is where saudade was conceived.

it is hard to believe i wasn’t even composing eight months ago and after weeks of inspiration, tears, bloodshed, and elation i am about to present to you shards of my very soul. is pretty inconceivable.

i had with great hesitation decided in february to push myself to this challenge of creating a compilation with nearly 50 new piece of work. i didn’t want it to be a mishmash of randomness nor did i want it to be a book of only one aspect of prose.

i remembered finding a picture of a tattoo on pinterest with the word saudade printed across the forearm. when i looked down at the explanation i felt an immediate connection and it stuck with me.

saudade does not have an english equivalent and there are many interpretations for its meaning. however, the most poignant and beautiful one was shared by my portuguese speaking beauty, a
feeling of incompleteness…due to the absence of someone or something…or the absence of a set of particular and desirable experiences and pleasures once lived.


                                                                                                ~Scott Edward Anderson

writing saved me, healed me, brought me strength through love, friendship, and once again gave me purpose. this collection is an amalgamation of all these complex facets that were elated, heart wrenching, hopeful, hopeless, and my salvation.

i am so excited for you to walk this journey with me and connect with my words. but until they are available to hold, touch, and consume.....

                                                          on tuesday, may 14, 2013

… can have a sneak peek of what lies in wait behind this gorgeous cover here and at the links below.

hope you enjoy.  

 xxx b

 ……excerpt from a bite


gripping my hair tightly between your fingers,

you silence me

with a breath stealing

mind erasing

heat inducing



there is no build up –

no sweet and gentle lead in.

you have been as eager for me

as I have been for you

and even my tears

will not inger

the fulfillment

of both

of our needs.


© 2013 b.l. ronan