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An Intimate Peek Into the Erotic World of Chloe Thurlow

Thank you all for visiting. Today I am happy to Host an Interview with the Very Talented Chloe Thurlow! Her writing is intimate and always a worthwhile journey.  Chloe gives us an indulgent peek into her Erotic World and what drives her characters and narrative. Please enjoy this very special sitdown.

1.) What Defines the Chloe Thurlow Erotica experience between the pages?
The first rule of erotic literature for me is that it is literature - well-written, original, with fresh ideas and insights. I try to make my characters real, dynamic, interesting and interested in new experiences - experiences that may be new to the reader and takes them into new places. I like alliterations, wordplay, subtext and try to bring to my erotic novels the immersive, compulsive feeling you would get from, say, Milan Kundera or Gabriel Garcia Marquez - or Anais Nin.
2.)What sub-genre in Erotica most influences your work? (bdsm, spanking.etc...)

Having discovered that pain is the mysterious bedfellow to pleasure and spanking can be so extraordinarily erotic, I explored this sub-genre in my early novels. While a jolly nice bit of spanking creeps into the pages of my later work, I have developed a taste for romance and find the interplay between love and kink an exciting new continent to explore.
3.) What book of yours is closest to your heart and why?
Of my 5 novels I would have to say "The Secret Life of Girls" because there is a strong element of autobiography and I just feel that it "works" best. Plot is driven by character. Get the character right and she will tell you where the story is going. Pin down the character and the book writes itself.
4.) What future projects can readers expect from you?
I am in the midst of writing a novel called "Love Hurts" and was asked recently to write a short story by Sweetmeats Press, which I decided to set in Cambridge the year I started university. I thought about some of the people I studied - Jean-Paul Sartre, Marcel Duchamp, Georges Bataille, and have got carried away weaving them into a seduction story involving my protagonist's tutor. I am not very good at writing "short" and the word count is already over what the commissioner's asked for but I believe stories have their own length and they tell you when they are finished.
5.) What was your introduction into the world of Erotica?
I was given a copy of "A Spy in the House of Love" by Anais Nin. I was hooked immediately. I read everything by her, everything. It was actually my tutor who persuaded me to write my first erotic story and it was published in a literary magazine. I showed my Mother and we have had a tetchy relationship ever since.
6.) What title of yours is a good jumping on point for new readers?
Before readers dive into a novel, "Flight 69" would be a good start. It is about sex on a plane, but I took the old cliche and stood it on its head...I tried anyway.

Contact chloe at:
at FaceBook - she's the one with the nice neck.

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Author Spotlight on Cameron Lincoln and his Naughty Words!!

Welcome everyone to another Male Erotica Author Spotlight. Today we hang out with Cameron Lincoln and get a little insight into his world.

1.) What led you into the Erotica genre?

I started writing erotica in 2012 when I wrote A Friendly Rivalry. I liked the idea that something I wrote could excite someone, if only for the time it took them to read. Once I put the story out there and people started buying it and enjoying it, it was the greatest feeling in the world. I'd always written, but this was a great grenre to play in becase the emotions and reactions you create are so intense.

2.) What subgenre of erotica most influences your writing and why?
I like stories about people exploring new things, discovering what makes them tick and finding new things that turn them on. Characters who find themselves, or something new about themselves, through sex, relationships and passion. I don't know if that's a particular genre per se, but it could fit into any area of sexuality. Regardless of setting or fetish, I think erotica should always be about people, so I love stories that make me care about the characters who're going through these things. It could be a simple likeability or something I can identify with. It makes me want to go on their journey far more than just having two anonymous stock characters going at it for the sake of sex.

3.) What do you see as the biggest difference between male and female written erotica?
It would be easy to say male writers focus on the physicality of a scene while the female authors will pay more attention to the emotion, but that's a very broad generalistion and isn't true in so many of the cases. I read and love work by both genders, and I think you could easily do a 'blind reading' where you presented me with erotica written by talented writers of both sexes and I'd never be able to tell the difference. If you can find that balance between story, phsyicality and emotion then you've written a piece then it doesn't matter. But I do think some readers steer towards a particular kind for gender reasons - they like knowing it was written by a man or a woman in particular, because regardless of the POV of the characters, it will always give insights into the way of thinking of a male or female writer.

4.) How would you compare British written Erotica to american written Erotica?
To be honest, I don't think there's a difference, aside from some of turns of phrase/colloquialisms that might appear in dialogue. Sex is universal, and the geographical location of the writer doesn't come into my decision to read a particular book. Any kind of notions of national stereotyping based on sex is a myth. Having been born and raised in England, the 'No sex please, we're British' thing is absolutely poppycock, I promise you!

5.) What future projects can your fans expect from you?
The third part of my Holiday Heat trilogy is currently in progress - titled Oceans Of 'Desire'. That'll be the next thing that I publish. I've got two other stories in progress and about seven ideas for others, so plenty to be keeping me busy. I want to make every story different, explore a different fetish or genre with erotica running through it.

6.) What book of your is a good jumping on point for new readers?
Extra Marital Pleasures. It feels like a very complete and beautiful story to me. I don’t blow my own trumpet as a writer very often but I was proud of that story when it was finished. I feel like I hit that mix of story, character, emotion and sex just right. But then I encourage others to give it a read and judge for themselves!

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Q&A Session with Erotic Romance Author Hedonist Six

Hello All,
      Today we have the lovely and talented Hedonist Six stopping by my blog for a quick Q&A session. She is the author of the popular Just Another Day at the Office series as well as a few stand alone titles. It is an absolute pleasure to have her here and I hope you all enjoy our little chat.

1.) Why Erotica for you?
I'm a dreamer and have always enjoyed finding a quiet place to escape to and let my imagination run wild. What I tend to think about on a daily basis are elaborate romantic / sexual fantasies involving imaginary characters; it was only recently that I felt like these fantasies of mine deserve to be written down. Ironically I never considered myself to be particularly adventurous or even sexual, yet here I am writing erotic fiction.
As a reader I might enjoy a wide range of books, from thrillers to horror as well as literary works. However if I had to write in any other genre I'd be completely lost. You could say that I have a bit of a one track mind, not that I'm complaining!
2.) What subgenre of erotica most influences your writing? (bdsm, spanking...etc..)
Although I feel I'm only just getting started, my work already demonstrates a clear preference for Erotic Romance. I enjoy the emotional aspect of what happens, how two people find each other and how they choose to express themselves. So far there hasn't really been any fetish content in my stories, it's all vanilla sex. I don't plan to venture into BDSM, spanking, etc. because I strongly believe in writing about what turns me on personally and such themes just don't work for me. Perhaps I'll write about some other 'niche' interests further down the line, I haven't decided yet.

Despite the vanilla sex, some of my characters might not be what you'd expect; I like big, cuddly men (is that a subgenre? I think it should be!).

It's a shame that only one 'type' is idealised in popular culture; whether men or women, they're all meant to be skinny or muscular. Yet at the same time clearly the average person you come across in real life does not fit this image! To me, that's very sad, because there are so many of us out there who don't just not mind a few extra pounds, but actually prefer a larger partner when given a choice. This can be a little scary to admit because it's not socially accepted, but it never will be either if everyone just keeps quiet about it.
3.) Readers love series and characters they can return too. Can you tell us about your series Just Another Day at the Office?
Just Another Day at the Office came about as another one of those strong, persistent fantasies I couldn't shake. It revolves around two people; Cath and Jonathan, who work together. Even though they want each other desperately, they have a few obstacles to overcome before they can come together.
I don't enjoy some of the formulaic characters that seem to be so common in the genre nowadays; the naive, innocent girl who falls for the bossy prick and tries to "fix" him with her love. Instead in Just Another Day, they're essentially both shy, but he is just a bit more so. She aims to show him that you don't have to be an alpha male with washboard abs to be desirable and the most enjoyable part of the story for me is watching him get used to that idea and slowly fulfill his potential.

The story started out well planned and outlined as a novella and I only published it in multiple parts after a lot of indecision about where I wanted things to go. Changing my mind every other week had meant that after many months of writing, I wasn't getting anywhere fast. When I read through what I had, I found natural breaks in the story line where splitting it up just felt right. The resulting feedback I get from readers asking about the next part of the story is a strong motivator to sit down and be productive!
Parts one (, two ( and three ( have been out for a little while now and I'm currently working on the fourth and final part.
You're absolutely right that readers love characters they can return to, as a writer I do too. I think once the final part has been written, I'll miss John especially.
4.) What can readers expect from future projects?
I have tons of ideas which revolve around similar themes to what I've already written about. A character without flaws feels artificial to me, so all of mine will invariably have some quirk or issue; even just an imagined one. Another definite trend in my work so far is the combination of a more assertive female lead with a slightly shy or insecure male character; I don't expect this to change because it's something I enjoy writing and thinking about. And as I mentioned above, I write about my own fantasies; so my preference for men of a certain stature will continue to feature prominently.

Once I finish Just Another Day at the Office, part four, I will have to decide between a few ideas. One I've been especially obsessed with lately could be a bit controversial; about a 20-something girl who runs a shop and a school boy (don't worry, he's 18, just about). What follows is a an odd relationship where the girl offers him a part time job and sort of becomes his mentor. At the same time she struggles with an inner conflict; despite feeling like a creep for potentially taking advantage of her position, she can't ignore her attraction towards him.
5.) Do you think there is a difference between Brit written erotica and American erotica?
I'm not sure I've read enough of either to be able to make an informed judgement. Specific phrases, grammar and spelling don't bother me at all and I have no particular preference for reading only British or American English. I feel the various authors I've read can be differentiated much more accurately based on their own voice or subgenre rather than nationality.
6.) You keep very busy. Can you tell readers about your side projects that relate to Erotica?
Most of my days are spent in some way or other researching self publishing and book marketing in addition to writing or plotting. One thing which has been working well for me is giving away a book for free, especially if it's the first of a series. The idea is, if the free book is good enough and an accurate representation of the rest of my work, I might get some new fans out of it (so far, this has indeed been the case).

There are already some brilliant book club or book suggestion pages out there where erotica authors can get their (free or paid) work noticed. However, relying on the goodwill of the admins of these pages is a risky basis for a promotional strategy. Also, I don't know if you're aware of this, but it seems that Amazon is clamping down on affiliates who largely promote free books; as a result, those websites and pages that rely on affiliate income from paid listings will be less inclined to post our free promotions anymore. Independent websites and Facebook pages that post only free books already exist too, but most of these exclude erotica.

This prompted me to start my own page - as an outlet for Erotica writers to post their free books. It is my hope that once the page grows in popularity, perhaps I can bring in more people to function as admins for the page so it becomes a collective effort. A place for Erotica authors to work together to share their free books and attract more readers and fans.

More information about me and my work can be found on my website;, my Facebook page: I'm also happy to accept Facebook friend requests from readers or other writers alike.

Hedonist Six - Erotica Author

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Sharing Kate: Lust, Love Rediscovered Available for All Devices on Smashwords!!!

Carter is a man that visits the Kuppa Kafe coffee shop on a daily basis to crush on Talia the barista. When he finds out through Talia's boldness that the store manager-the beautiful golden haired Kate-has been nursing her own crush on him things quickly advance and Carter falls head over heels for the lovely Kate. Things are great at first but soon old insecurities surface and Kate adds a secret on top of them that could end their relationship for good. Can carter overcome his insecurities and finally be happy in love?
This is an erotica short with graphic depictions of sex. This is an adults only title and should only be read by readers of erotica that are ok with graphic sexuality!!!!
Also available at Amazon click on the link on the right side of this blog!!!!

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Erotica Author Jason Jaxx stops by for a quick Q&A

Today I am lucky to have the ever gracious and kind Jason Jaxx over to my Blog to continue my spotlight on Male Erotica Writers. Please enjoy his enlightening answers.

1.)As a male author, why Erotica?
I have always been a voracious reader and discovering erotic novels during my 'formative' years was instrumental in my appreciation of the genre.
As with all forms of literature, a well written piece of erotica lets the imagination take hold and create something greater than words on a page. I soon found that writing about my fantasies was both a turn-on and creatively satisfying.
I have tried my hand at writing in other genres and styles, some of which may yet see the light of day but I find that I am most comfortable and confident when addressing spicier topics.
2.)What subgenre of erotica influences you the most? (bdsm, spanking,etc.)
I wouldn't say there's a specific subgenre although I tend to enjoy stories that involve swinging, group sex or BDSM. . In my books, I have incorporated these and other matters that my imagination (and the story) takes me including older woman/younger men, spanking and fantasy fulfillment.
With my writing, I try and challenge myself by writing from different narrative perspectives, themes and subject matter.
3.)Describe your journey as an erotic author.
I used to write 'dirty' stories for myself when I was younger. Upon discovering websites where one could post such works, I dug up and updated some of these pieces to generally favorable feedback. Publishing and having people read my words has always been a dream of mine but I never really considered it as a possibility until I encountered Smashwords and the channel they provide for indie publishers.
I downloaded and read their style guide and decided to give it a go. Trying not to think too much about it, I took a leap of faith and published A Night on the Town, made it free and then waited, fingers hovering over metaphorically over the Unpublish button, ready to end this fool's errand at the first sign of disapproval. Thankfully, I got several downloads and some wonderful reviews that gave me a boost of confidence and I really haven't looked back since.
I've pretty much learnt (and am still learning) as I went along and have since been introduced to wonderful authors and readers whose support and encouragement has made this journey both creatively and personally fulfilling. I try write something every day and although I now consider myself a writer, I wouldn't say it's my career, my sales are relatively modest and I find myself having to steal moments from a busy work schedule to devote to writing (since no-one knows about it I have to be secretive) but now that I've started down this road, I couldn't imagine not doing this. Knowing that there are folks out there that enjoy and want to read what I write is amazing, wonderful and mind blowing.
4.) What inspires your words?
I have several ideas for plots percolating and every so often, I get a moment of clarity where I know exactly what to do and where to take the story. These moments can be sparked by an overheard conversation, idle thought or song lyric. The one thing about being a writer is that everything that you see or hear can be used at some point in a story so I get inspiration from pretty much everything.
Movies, TV and people watching can inspire scenarios or ideas for characters.
For the sex scenes, I tend to write about what turns me on. Being a guy that's pretty much anything but I do try to fully explore a particular scenario or setting. Some of it is based loosely on real life events.
5.) What book of yours is a good jumping on point for new readers?
I have a free book 'Dirty Secrets & Filthy Fantasies'which is a collection of those early stories that I posted online. The follow up Secret Storytime: More Filthy Fantasies is free on Smashwords. These are collections of short stories packed with hot and heavy erotic action that cover a wide variety of scenarios and subgenres.
Otherwise my first book 'A Night on the Town' or my latest 'Amber's Opus' are also good places to start.
For a list of my books you can check out my Amazon page
6.) What can readers expect next from you?
I have 2 Works In Progress that I intend to publish in the upcoming months:
  • The MILF Files Book 4- the latest in my series starring Jennifer, a mature woman, who embarks upon a sexual voyage of discovery with her son's best friend.
  • The Medallion - an erotic thriller about an amulet that bestows the wearer with mystical sexual abilities.
However, I find that my plans are liable to change once inspiration strikes so I have no real idea what my next book might be.
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Erotic Author Interview with Kenny Wright

Today I have the pleasure of having Kenny Wright, erotic author, over for an interview. Please take a moment and enjoy this gentlemen's engaging answers to a few questions.
1. As a male author, why Erotica?
The easy answer is that erotica is fun. For me, writing is a hobby. Always has been--and unless I have some EL James style luck--it always will be. So first and foremost, I write stories that I would enjoy reading. I like reading about sexy scenarios. Thus, I write sexy stories.

Beyond that, though, I think writing is a great way to explore fantasies that should probably remain fantasies. Wife-watching and swinging are the epitome of this--not that I would even begin to judge those who take up the lifestyle. I just know that it's not for me and my wife. But in fiction, anything's possible.

2. What subgenre of erotica influences you the most? (bdsm, spanking,etc.)
That's a good question. In general, I'm drawn to erotica that involves the slow stripping away of innocence. I enjoy that moment where a character crosses a line into something new and a little scary.

More specifically, though, I have a few go-to subgenres. Voyeurism and stories about older women with younger men are elements I tend to write often. As I said above, wife-watching scenarios pack a strong punch for me. Swinging (especially stories of couples getting involved for the first time) can be hot when done well. I'm a believer in that a cuckold story can be told without the humiliation and wimpy husband aspects to it. I think that married couples being naughty create such a visceral reaction in me (both when I write them and when I read them) because there's so much at stake--and I can relate to them on some level.

At the heart of all that I write (and a lot of what I enjoy reading) is some sense of romance. I wrote a blog post a while back (Romantic erotica, not erotic romance) that touched on this. I'm not talking overly sentimental, and I'm certainly not talking about those bodice-ripping romances of yore. But I like it when characters love each other, and that's a thread that I carry through most of my stories.

3. Describe your journey as an erotic author.
I first discovered how hot written word could be in the pages of Penthouse Letters, and found some more on an old BBS (remember those?). Somewhere around that time, I wrote my first erotic story. I'd been writing angsty fiction for a while, but suddenly, a new world was open to me. When the web became the web and sites like Literotica started popping up, I realized that I wasn't alone in the world. I posted a few stories on that site, but it wasn't until I made a few friendships that I decided to get a little more serious with my hobby.

I probably owe most of where I am to Jake Marlow, an author who I'd first been a fan of, and later, a good friend. He encouraged me to branch out into the world of publishing beyond the free sites. Another huge influence in my journey has been my editor, Lucy V. Morgan, who helped me mature as a writer and challenged me in all the areas that I needed to be challenged. And of course, a lot of credit has to go to my wife, who's supported this hobby, as crazy and out there as it may be.

4. What inspires your words?
Everything? Ha. I get ideas in the most random of places. My stories are fantasies, but they're usually bred from something in real life. Leap, for example, occurred to me last February, as leap day approached and I thought about a playful couple pretending that the day was like a temporal Las Vegas: what happens on leap day stays on leap day. And then boom, a novella was born.

I think all good fiction has some elements of experience to them. It helps breath life into the story. It fills in the details. And if you've never experienced some of the emotions going on in your characters, it may not come off as genuine. With erotica, the story has to turn you on. If it doesn't, then most likely it'll feel flat to the reader, too.

5. What book of yours is a good jumping on point for new readers?
Depends on what you're looking for. For a playful wife-watching/naughty wife scenario, I'd suggest Rediscovering Danielle. It's pretty short, is about a couple just beginning to dabble in that forbidden world, and would be a good intro for a reader. For a fun and free MILF story, Moving Mrs. Mitchell is another short about a hot mom who gets involved in a couple younger guys. And for something a little longer, there's my just-published All In: Strip Poker Done Right, which is about three couples playing (you guessed it) strip poker.
6. What can readers expect next from you?
I'm currently working through the sequel to Rediscovering Danielle, entitled Just Watch Me. It's an entirely independent story about Dean and Danielle's further adventures, this time set on the sandy beaches and volcanic vistas of Hawaii. It'll be my longest book yet, but hopefully also one of the hottest.

After that, I'm working on a revision of a story I'd written jointly with another author, Kirsten McCurran, entitled Because He's Watching (I know, it seems all my books have the word "watch" in them, but hey, didn't I say I liked voyeurism?). Kirsten wrote the story from the wife's, Emily's, perspective. I wrote mine from her husband, Ian's, but wasn't happy with the way it turned out. A year and a half later, I think I know the story I want to tell--and more importantly, I'm ready to tell it.

And after that? Who knows. I'm always open to suggestions on what comes next. I'm available on my blog, as well as twitter (@kennywriter) and Facebook.
Check Out His Blog Here:

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Interview with New Author DK Michaels

This week I am featuring male writers of erotica. What inspires them and what motivates them to publish in this genre? We will try to get some insight into their styles and reasons behind their choices. First up is New Author DK Michaels.

1.)What do you believe is your unique voice in erotica?
 Let me begin by saying that my focus is on making readers feel the story and as with all writers, women or men like to imagine they are one of the lead characters. As a virgin novelist I am willing to push the boundaries and delve into a territory that others have not considered, I also base my sexual scenes on real life situations. For example, my sex scenes are things I have done and experienced and I like writing a scene about what I did last year with my wife. My characters are like actual people. All women would love to meet a good looking, rich billionaire but the truth is they won't and so I stick with middle class to maybe a type of elite class but not a rich over powering heroine or hero. I base my characters on good old fashioned chivalry but I must admit the sex scenes are quiet erotic. My philosophy is if I can get turned on writing them than readers will get turned on while they are reading the story. I also fill mine with heartache and sadness. They do not all have to have happy endings; no pun intended.

2.)What subgenre in Erotica influences you most? (bdsm,Spanking etc..)
BDSM is a definite. I honestly believe by years end there will a thousand books on the market based on that subject matter and that is why Shades was so successful. It was a subject that was taboo and it worked (hip hip hooray) for E.L James and payed off. My influences are more based on nasty, angry, and wild adulterous sex where the two characters use each other sexually to get their aggressions out which are brought on by their lives. An example in my book being Siana who is the wife of an adulterer and a wife beater. She is submissive in her life but very dominate in the bedroom. Lachlan is a bad boy, evil inside and he is dominate in life. She finds a way to tame the wild beast.

3.)  What led you to the field of erotica?
Well I will admit it; I am a highly sexual person. I love sex and after reading Shades my wife told me I had the ability to write like that so I decided to give it a go. After floating many ideas through my perverted sexual mind I finally started writing and finally the story line fell into place. Five chapters in and it was test time. I put it out there for a few select people to read from different backgrounds and interests and all had positive results so the saga continued.

4.)Can you tell us about your upcoming release? 
My upcoming release is called Cyber Romance, and without giving too much away its about Lachlan and Siana. He's a former bad boy raised in a strict family and finally rebelling. He is happy in his life but constantly running from two worlds; one he can't get away from the other he doesn't want to really run from.
Siana is in a loveless marriage. She forgets what love is or is it she has just never truly fallen in love.
He's a catholic and she is a Muslim.She is refined and he's a bad, evil person. Different lives, different beliefs, different cultures, but yet so compatible. They meet in an online chat room and from there they begin on a path neither could ever imagined. The two become heavily involved in a deep passionate romance and there is nothing they wouldn't do for each other. It's a story of how two people can fall so deeply in love. Enough said on this one as I would much rather people find out for themselves.

5.)What can readers expect in future stories? 
Originally Cyber Romance was meant to be a single novel but it is looking now at being two novels. And as I write this one and idea for another has entered my mind and it will be a novel on its own with twists and turns no one would see coming. It's a very different story line compared to Cyber Romance but an interesting one all the same. From there who knows what the future holds; we can only wait and see.

You can find DK Michaels on FB and Goodreads!

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Q&A with Provocative Erotica Author Elizabeth Woodham

Today I am proud to feature an original voice in the field of erotica. Elizabeth Woodham writes in a style all her own. As a reader you can count on new frontiers being explored and new senses being indulged. Elizabeth breaks barriers with her Provocative Erotica titles and is not afraid to make her readers think and even question what defines Erotica through her richly crafted words.

Why Erotica?

I’ve been writing creatively for as long as I can remember and often write in other genres, but adore erotica and wonder at the classification. Who decides? Perhaps erotica is too often seen as being ‘pornographic’ or in some way unacceptable because it commonly relates directly to sex, but the erotic can be found in many types of literature, especially poetry and other literary fiction that isn’t marketed or classed in the ‘erotic’ genre and is sometimes used as examination texts. Difficult themes and subjects are explored for learning purposes; I think it strange that violence and other antisocial behaviour are studied in poetry and literature while erotica is frequently ignored.

Do you think there is a distinct difference between British written erotica and American written erotica? If so what are the differences you see?

We should embrace our differences, such as our different ways of speaking, listening and writing. It’s disheartening to see reviews which focus on an author’s spelling and grammar in a negative way when the writer is simply using British English, as opposed to US English (and vice-versa) both are correct and entertaining.

You write or have written under two different pen names in erotica; the other being Secret Narrative. What sets one apart from the other in the genre?

Secret Narrative writes from male and female point of view, and covers issues which are a little edgier than Elizabeth Woodham (weird talking in third person) such as dubious consent, group sex and generally harsher themes.

Provocative Erotica is a tag used in some of your erotica titles. Can you tell us what the aim is with this line of erotica and what your readers should expect?

I hope my work acts as a stimulus, whether directly, as in sexual desire, a turn on for couples reading together or for individual escapism, and also thought-provoking in ways other than directly sexual. Nerium Oleander and The Decision Tree are both very short stories (published in the ‘Short, Provocative Erotica series) which explore provocative themes, one being stalking and the other being abusive relationships.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am addicted to Shakespeare, classic literature art, music and poetry but a great deal of my work is autobiographical. Lily’s Mute Letter is an example of an autobiographical piece, and The Decision Tree is another, with poetic licence in the latter.

What one quality would you say defines your work?


 Elizabeth also has a New Release out in her Provocative Erotica Series. Follow the links below for the US and UK site Amazon Purchasing Pages.


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About New Google + Community The Writing Cave

For those that are still unaware of The Writing Cave community on Google+ here is a Q&A to help familiarize yourself with a hot new resource for Bloggers, Poets, Erotic Authors, and General Discussion!! Interviewed are A.A. Harris and B.K. Harris, the co-founders of this helpful new resource.
1.) What prompted the collaboration on a blog featuring writers?
A.A.Harris: It's actually a funny story. B and I both had some experiences in communities where we had posted our poems/stories in. So in a phone conversation we were discussing our difficulties and I mentioned to him that I was starting a community. His initial reaction was "I was gonna just ask you if you wanted to start a community with me." And that's how The Writing Cave came to be.
B.K.Harris:  We wanted to create a total author/blogger/poet/writing community that will help with writing or self publishing.
2.) What is the main goal you want to accomplish with The Writing Cave?
A.A.Harris: The goal of The Writing Cave is to develop a family of support. We want people to be able to come to the community and share anything and everything and feel comfortable doing it. Writing can be an intimidating thing. There are people out there that can make you feel like they are out to get you (whether they realize it or not) Everyone in the community there is only there to provide support to each other.
B.K.Harris: For me, I wanted to create a place much like the editing process of a book. Start with some blogging, get popular, self publish. And when you want to self publish, you may want beta readers, a cover designer etc. So I want the writing cave to be a place where people can come to get useful resources to self publish. (Or just blog if they want to)
3.) What is in store for the Blogs future expansion wise? Do you plan on having a review section or a question section for writer's to help other writer's? Or do you have a different goal in mind?
A.A.Harris: Our main goal was to get it started and to advertise it to gain followers. We are up for any and all suggestions to help improve the community. The main goal is to provide a community for all people readers and writers to network, share, learn and teach others. As we grow in fellowship we will grow in development.
B.K.Harris: expansion wise, I feel we both want it to be a full fledged system that can be used for all writers to use where they can come to interact with like minded people and get help (if needed) with their writing careers, whatever that may be.
4.) What is the one thing you want authors and blog hoppers to take away from a visit to your blog?
A.A.Harris: I want people to walk away from the community with a sense of not only accomplishment but friendship and encouragement.
B.K.Harris:  When people visit my blog I want them to see a place where it's free (often encouraged) to explore any sexual fantasies that you may have, as well as a place that supports life problems and experiences. I write about everything from fetish exploration to depression.I just want to create a place where people can feel safe to be who they are, and not be judged in anyway.
Join the The Writing Cave on Google+!!!



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blogger Interview with A.A.Harris-Moderator of The Writing Cave

1.)You write in dual mediums, one being poetry and the other story based. Which forum do you gravitate to more as a writer and why?

I certainly didn't start out in dual mediums. I originally started out with the intention of writing only short stories. The main reason I actually started blogging was to try and find my writing voice. I had spent a good two weeks last summer writing a book that I hope to publish into a series soon. I had this incredible story in my head that was screaming to get out so I spent everyday listening to music and to my surprise I had written 50,000 words. But after those two weeks I couldn't seem to find my voice again. I struggled to get back into the book or to even write anything.

In the fall I ventured onto Twitter and became friends with some really great people of all different walks of life. What I found were people who had some incredible talent and courage in their writing. They posted poems and stories everyday through blogs and shared them on Twitter. The idea to start my blog eventually came one night when I was reading a book. I had this vision in my head of this short scene so I hurried and typed it up. To my amazement I had found my voice again. I then decided to take the flying leap and create a blog. I remember the night I actually posted it. One person stuck out to me, he was extremely talented and confident in his writing and who has now become an extremely large part of my life. Some know of him as Brandon or better known now as B.K. Harris. I was so nervous that I only posted it to him and told him how much he had inspired me. But after some incredible feedback from not only him but many others my confidence started to build and more and more stories started to form.

It wasn't until one night when I was posting pictures on my Tumblr account that I saw this picture of a Dom whipping his sub. Immediately I had words running through my head in the form of a poem. So for a laugh I decided to write it down. About a week later in a conversation with B.K. Harris he asked that I send it to him to look over. Being a poet himself he wanted the opportunity to read it. He ended up encouraging me to post it and before I knew it I was writing dual mediums.

There really isn't one medium that I gravitate towards. I find both equally easy and hard to write. Which one I write really depends on my mood or emotions at the time. I could be listening to a song and before I know it I have a poem written down or I could look at a picture and write an entire story or vice versa.

2.) Of the medium you dabble less in what drives you to explore it?

I would say recently I have dabbled more in poetry only because I just started to explore it. I found after the first poem I wrote I started to write more and more of them. So technically I have more poems then I do short stories. What I have found in writing is that if I don't sit down and write a short story in one sitting I have a hard time getting back into it. So needless to say I have several poems and stories started that are unfinished.

3.) Why the medium of blogging?

Blogging has given me confidence in my writing that I never had before. It has allowed me to explore different forms of writing and to share it with others. With each poem or short story I post I have gained more confidence to explorer deeper and darker topics. And with most authors or writers I have found the more work they produce the better their work gets. So blogging is my way of practicing for when I do publish my book. Since blogging each piece I have written has gotten better than the last.

4.) Besides blogging and writing what other interests do you have that you are driven to pursue?

Besides writing and blogging I also paint. I focus on only a few things such as piggy banks, wine glasses, plates and Christmas Blubs. I would love to pursue that more and get more involved in painting glasses for weddings and events.

5.) You have a keen erotic edge to your blog. What drives your erotic voice?

I've always been drawn to erotica not only in writing but also in pictures. I find black and white erotic photography absolutely beautiful. At the end of the day though I just have an erotic imagination, I live for fantasies. My voice is driven by several things though. I am a very lyrical person when it comes to music. The quote "Music is my life, the lyrics are my story" is one of my favorite because it is so true. A song can not only tell a story but can drive an erotic scene in so many ways from being rough and hard to soft and sensual. Pictures can also drive my voice depending on the body language and mood created. Also I am naturally a dominate person so my voice is driven by my personality added with music and pictures it can paint a pretty erotic picture.
Check out A.A.Harris at her blog here:

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9 FIVE STAR Reviews for Sharing Kate: Lust, Love Rediscovered
Follow this link: to read the incredible reviews that Sharing Kate: Lust, Love Rediscovered has garnered so far.I am certainly humbled and absolutely overjoyed that this story has been so well recieved. Thank you to all readers and especially to those who took the time out of their busy days to shower this story with review love. All is appreciated!!! Thanks, Chase

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Teaching Her, Pleasing Them is now on Smaswords!

Cassie has a small problem; she's never given a blow job before and it's putting some stress on her relationship with Brad. Her best friend Angie has a plan and with her husband, Dale's help, she plans on teaching Cassie everything she knows right in their living room with all members present. EXPLICIT SEX! ADULTS ONLY!!!
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.99 cent Erotica is NOT Bargain Basement Erotica.

There seems to be a very popular misconception out there that erotica priced at the .99 cent selling point is bargain basement and of inferior quality!!! That's Ridiculous I say and not just for the saying of it!
I have read in my research before even writing in the field of erotica from every pricepoint ranging from the despised .99 cents to the even more horribly received $1.99 to the ever popular $2.99 and up price points and they all have one thing in common. They all vary greatly in quality and value and content.
Bad grammar? Bad editing? Bad story? Cliches? Just plain old BAD writing? Yes, they are all guilty of this at every price point. But do you know what else they are guilty of? Beautiful eye catching covers, imaginitive and original stories, great characters, steamy heat inducing sex, and a passion to entertain are all also prevelant in(you guessed it) every price range.
So, how do you sort the good from the bad? That's usually pretty easy actually. I tend to only purchase erotica(and personally every other genre as well) off of Amazon if:
1. They have a Look Inside feature. Authors who put out quality work tend to always include this feature and why not? You will occassionaly find a few unmentionably bad reads in these but at least you will know and can now avoid the purchase.
2.Reviews. They are there for a reason. And I know that some reviews are padded but couple reading reviews with the Look Inside feature and you will have a great idea what is b.s. and what is the actual.
3. Stick to your likes. Don't just download a book because it's free or .99 cents and bash it because it contains anal sex or group sex and you only like romance and light sexually described encounters. The authors take a lot of time setting up the information on the books page of what the book is and what it contains. Read it because it's there for a reason. It's meant to inform and attract it's target audience while warning it's non-targeted audience that this book just isn't for them. There is nothing more frustrating for an erotica writer than someone reading their book and calling it smut! Really? Smut!!!! But I took ten minutes writing out a description and warning that this contained hardcore and sexually explicit material. I told you it's smut. If you don't like smut then don't read it. Seems pretty obvious but I think there are also a lot of haters out there that can only make their day better by trying to destroy someone elses.
4. Look through the "Customers who bought this product also bought" feature lower on the page. See what is in there that matches your likes and Look Inside and read reviews and then purchase what fits your tastes. At the end of the day you will end up with quite a few hot reads on your kindle or other reading devices that you will find extremely satisfying.
As always these are just my thoughts and opinions and you are all welcome to your own. I hope you next purchases not only entertain you but send you diving back in for more fiction from those same authors. We're all here for each other. Writers need the readers and readers need the writers. Let's show each other a good time, shall we? :-)