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Sneak Peek with Samantha Fontien, author of How to Catch Butterflies!

Welcome Readers and Bloggers to another sneak peek of a newly released book. Today author Samantha Fontien stops by for a visit and shares a quick intro to her book as well as a few excerpts that are for the 18 and over crowd. Pour yourself a fresh cup of whatever does it for you and settle in for a saucy stay.

Cheers, Chase

Introducing Samantha Fontien’s brand new book, How To Catch Butterflies. 

I would describe my book as an emotional roller coaster of up’s and downs as you join Rebecca and her best friend Lucy on a whirlwind adventure that is LIFE, and boy do these girls know how to live!!

My story revolves around two main characters –  Rebecca, a beautiful, clever young woman who settled down way to young and had convinced herself she had made her bed, so she would lie on it as so to speak.

However, Rebecca suffers domestic violence at the hands of her fiance of 7 years, David. He grinds her down, alienating her, from her friends, until one evening, he takes things too far….

With the help of her equally beautiful, sassy best friend Lucy, Rebecca rebuilds her life. She finds the strength to leave and move on from David. She learns how to live, have fun and find herself again.

My story is based in London, with both women having very successful careers, and all the luxuries that come with such a lifestyle. They work hard and play just as hard.

Along the way, both girls find love, break hearts, and they do both with class and style. There is international travel, both in work and pleasure, and there’s lots of saucy pleasure to read with both girls antics.

Excerpt 1:

 George & Lucy

* Lucy’s tongue flicked, gliding over his chest to his abs as she unbuttoned his trousers.

Her hand slipped inside his trousers as she cupped his tip, then gliding over his big throbbing, awaiting cock. Lucy slowly knelt as she pulled on the trousers letting them drop to the floor. She continued to fondle his long hard member.  

She took him in her mouth, her tongue flicking over it as her lips moved up and down his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper each time.  George had out-stretched his hands against the wall to steady himself as she moved up and down on him dipping vigorously. 

“Oh God Lucy,” he moaned. He wanted to grab the back of her head and thrust his cock into her, but she was moving with more vigor and her mouth was too inviting.  

It took all his concentration just not to cum. 

“Oh God Lucy,” he cried steadying himself once again with the wall.  He wanted to tell Marvin to shut the fuck up about the.... 

“I've been really trying baby.... trying to hold back this feeling for soooo long…” He was trying not to cum and the music and lyric’s really wasn't helping his urgent situation. As ‘Let’s get it on’ filled the air.

He grabbed Lucy’s arms and pulled her gently up to him. George starred into her eyes, his body trembling.  If she touched him anywhere he would have released his load, there and then.

Lucy had a glint in her eye as she turned and faced the wall placing her hands against it 

“Are you going to arrest me?” She whispered as she looked over her shoulder seductively.

George’s body trembled still. He saw her back arch; she was awaiting him to take her. He quickly pulled her lace panties to the side, grabbing his length, slipping it inside her slowly in fear of erupting.  George forced her up against the wall as drove himself into her, still desperately trying not to cum with every thrust he made.

He could feel her clench down on him; she was so tight which only heightened his arousal.  Even his tip throbbed and tingled. He stopped, trying to remain still, trying not to move a single muscle as she squeezed down on him again.   He tingled from head to toe. 

Excerpt 2:

 Jackson & Rebecca

Jackson's eager hands moved to her exposed breasts his fingers out stretched over each as he squeezed them firmly, he wanted her bad, he had done since he met her. 

He could see her nipples, he tweaked and fondled them, until he sat up, cupping her buttocks lifting her gently, raising her up, so her breasts were at his mouth level, taking a nipple in his mouth as he toyed  with it teasing it harder with his teeth and tongue.  

One hand moved slowly from her buttock, gliding over her outer thigh, moving slowly till it was sliding over her wet panties.  His hand moved with purpose gliding back and forth over her love button, flicking, toying at it with the tips of his fingers over the satin. 

Jackson felt like his cock would burst through his trousers at any moment in eagerness to get to her.  He had never wanted a woman so bad as he had wanted Rebecca


His thrusting started slowly but firmly, she could feel herself throb, as he moved deeper and deeper in her.  She was utterly consumed by him as she moved with him, their rhythm, in perfect time, he was making her moan, with every driving force his cock made.
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