Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sneak Peek at Chase Boehner's New Erotic Short Entitiled Sharing Kate, Lust, Love Rediscovered

Tonight would either make or break us. I’m not sure who was at fault but surely a lot of it rested on my shoulders.  A dark cloud of past relationships gone horribly wrong had fucked with my head. Am I too damaged to have a healthy relationship? What is a healthy relationship to me? Questions I didn’t have the answers to. Questions Kate needed answers to as much as I did. First, let me tell you how we got here, standing outside a house (more like a palace) in a neighborhood I could never afford to live in. I’d be lucky if they let me mow their lawns. But here we stood keys in hand, waiting to go in and roll the dice to see if our love crapped out. It was my first key party but according to Kate, her fourth. That was fun to learn about!

Kate is my latest attempt at something special and the start of our relationship had been anything but normal. We met at the coffee shop where she works. I strolled in there every morning and my favorite barista Talia would have my iced vanilla latte ready and waiting. Kate would be scurrying around managing the staff and stopping by the counter to bestow the random hello she graced the occasional guest with. She was hot as hell with long straight blond hair and a figure nice enough to fight through her business attire and still showcase her curves. But she never really caught my attention like Talia.

Talia was the reason I went there. She was tall with smooth, soft ebony skin. She usually styled her hair straight and let’s it hang to her mid back most of the time. What I really loved about her was how fit she was. I had learned that she was a runner and had even participated in a few marathons. Her well defined legs and pert, proud breasts were a testament to her commitment to fitness. Her eyes were a deep brown and she could melt your heart with a single look. I knew she was married (lucky bastard) but I was just innocently crushing on her.

Then, one slow morning during a snowstorm, Kate came over to join us in small talk. Outside the café windows lay pure white out conditions. Traffic was slower than walking and schools and businesses were closing by the minute. Luckily for me “Kuppa Kafe” was staying open.  I was already off for the day and I lived in an apartment down the street on the corner.  The walk had taken longer than normal and with the conditions I was the only customer they had when I arrived.

“Good morning Carter.” Talia said from behind the counter. My coffee was ready and the cool moisture from the cup was starting to run over her long fingers. Talia had a passion for French manicures and her nails were always immaculate. On more than one occasion I had furiously fisted myself to a shuddering orgasm imagining those fingers pumping up and down my generous girth.

“Good morning Talia. It’s a total mess outside; glad to see you made it in safe and sound.” I drank in her smile as I approached, shaking the snow from my head and shoulders, as I marveled at the full lips and brilliantly white teeth that sparkled back at me.

“Daniel saw me in safely, thanks.”  Talia waved off my money as I tried to pay. “Kate says it’s on her today.” She said jerking her thumb behind her where Kate was making her way from the small office in the back.

“Hello Carter, enjoy the coffee.” Kate said flashing her own blinding smile in my direction.

“Thank you. Are you sure though; I don’t mind paying?”

“Please Carter; trust me when I say it’s not a problem. You spend plenty of money here and we aren’t going to make a dime today with the Alaskan Tundra outside.”

“Fair enough, but you’ll have to allow me to return the favor some time.” 

“She’s free tonight!” Talia yelled out even though we were all within a few feet of each other.

“Talia!” Kate screeched, casting a look colder than the storm directly at her barista.

“What? You are free! And Carter, little Miss Kate here has had an eye on you for quite a while.”

“Oh my God! You are so fired!” Kate was almost yelling at Talia now and her face was as red as her lips.

“No, I’m not. You would die without me and you know it. I’m just helping you out. I’ll do it again. Carter did you know…..” was all Talia got out before Kate slammed a hand over her friend’s mouth.

Talia bit her.

“Ouch! You bitch!” Kate scolded her as she shook the pain from her fingers.

“Wow, you called me a bitch. So original,” Talia was almost laughing now.

I had just been standing there watching, sucking down my vanilla latte. A loud slurp echoed focusing all attention back on me as I realized I had drained it while ogling these two beauties fighting. I also had a hard-on pressing uncomfortably in my jeans against my zipper. I made a quick mental note to relieve the pressure later. Kate would be joining in my Talia fantasy for the first time as I stroked this boner to release.

“Carter, I’m so sorry and embarrassed. But fuck it, yes I like you. I sneak a peek out every morning to see you. I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable?” Kate was purple in embarrassment and for the first time I felt an intense attraction to her. I wasn’t sure if it was because she was pretty in a naughty business woman way or just the fact that she found me attractive.  Either way I was now interested.

“He’s okay with that, aren’t you Carter?” Talia said from the counter while reapplying lipstick.

“Yep. Sure; totally okay with it.” I said like an eighth grader talking to his first crush.

“Besides Kate, you aren’t making him uncomfortable; that big beef stick trying to push through his pants is doing that.”

And BOOM!! My face matched Kate’s as my hands shot down to cover my hard-on. I was contemplating many escape scenario’s now as Talia started laughing. I was certain I could never show my face here again.

“God, Talia, what has gotten into you today?” Kate gasped, but she couldn’t stop herself from staring at my crotch.

“What? It’s just the three of us in here; Hell has frozen over and you live so far away you were going to sleep in the office. I was trying to set you up with some company. You’re both welcome by the way.” And with that Talia flipped her hand at us and walked away.

“So, I should probably be going?” I said my face still flush with embarrassment but my boner still raging.                    

“No, Carter, please stay? Have a drink with me. I would like the company if you don’t mind?” She started towards a table in the far corner which sat next to the electric fireplace. I fixated on her skirted ass and sheer stockings (a black line running down the back of each leg) and followed her over.

“Here you two lovebirds go.” Talia said appearing at my side. She set down two hot coffees and a small tray of sugar and creamer.

“Talia please……please just…..just go.”  Kate smiled and waved her away.

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