Saturday, May 4, 2013

Author Spotlight with Mark Davis: Poet, Author

Welcome readers to another Author Spotlight. Today we have the multi-talented Mark Davis over for a quick peek into his erotic world. Check out his links, read some poetry and steam up glasses. Once again, settle in, lower the lights, sip your wine slowly and savor the taste rolling over your tongue as you will savor the erotic musing of Mark Davis. Cheers, Chase



1.) What is Erotica as defined by you?


Erotica for me can be anything, not just words. Pictures, clothes, shoes, music, words. All used together or separately than can excite and tease a person’s mind. Let them experience things that they only dream about.



2.) In your bio you mention sharing stories, fantasies and poems with friends and being encouraged. Was sharing with friends an easy transition or was there some dread beforehand as you confessed to that first friend?


The first time I pushed the send button on anything erotic I had my heart in my mouth. The response however was swift and my heart returned to its rightful place. However the very candid reply soon sent the blood running south as my friend described her full reaction to the writing.



3.) You do something quite unique; you take erotic requests and write custom poems to them. How did this start and can you describe the feeling of your words making someone's fantasy a written reality?


It is hard to do too many requests but I love it. It started when I found I was writing too many of the same genre and I asked a friend to give me two words or a picture. That soon started to words flowing in all directions. I love hearing that on receipt of their gift it sends a lot of them straight to their room.



4.) Can you give us a glimpse into your publishing plans and drop us a few tasty hints on content?


I am about to release a book of poems with Bitten Press, Poet Mark Davis Erotic Midnight Musings. Volume one Domination. There will be six volumes in all covering all genres including Paranormal.

Lessons for Steve is a 10k short story about the introduction of Steve to the BDSM lifestyle. This is also with Bitten Press



5.) Do you have any writing rituals?


I write on my Ipad then email it to myself. Poems I write as the inspiration hits. Stories I have to plan my time better.



6.)  What poem or story that you have written holds the most significant emotional connection to you?


There is a part of me in them all. I have also written tributes for close friends and family members who have passed away in poetry form and I find them very emotional to write.
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  1. Very Nice Chase...he's one of my favorite Erotic poets and now I've found a very naughty erotic fellow writer....Nice to meet you

    1. And you as well, thank you for stopping by. :-)

  2. Very Nice interview... I love the poetry from Mark Davis..