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Carter has found the love of his life. The problem is will his insecurities and her needs collide and force them apart or will he finally be able to let go and place his trust in the one woman he's waited his whole life for. Kate has a need to swing and this revelation has Carter making some tough choices! This is an ADULT EROTIC SHORT WITH GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF SEX. THIS IS FOR ADULTS ONLY!!!!
chase is quickly becoming the one to read among erotica. he has an amazing talent at blending romance with the hot sensuality of raw sex. he walks the tightrope allowing you to love and to play. this is by far my favorite piece of his so far and you would be remiss to leave it off your to read list. chase is a story weaver and i am beyond eager to get my hands on his next masterpiece. do yourself a decadent favor and pick this wicked piece of awesomeness up. i promise you will not be disappointed.
Sharing Kate is a wonderfully well written erotic, yet very romantic and heart warming story. It's so refreshing to have a male author writing such beautiful thoughts and feelings. His characters are very relatable and lovable.

We follow the story of Carter through his thoughts and feelings of himself, his long time crush Talia and the love of his life Kate, who happen to be good friends and coworkers. Carter seems to have lost himself through bad relationships and heartache in the past and deems himself unworthy and incapable of having a lasting loving relationship. Then he finds Kate, the best thing that's ever come into his life. His love for her is apparent and their relationship blossoms for a while. His insecurities start creeping back into his mind and Kate seems to be unsatisfied.

When she finally fesses up and confronts him with what she wants, to swap partners with other couples, he finds himself being led down a road he's not sure he wants to go down. Sharing the love of his life with another man doesn't set well with him at all, but his love for Kate strengthens him to follow her down this strange and unknown path, but will it be enough?

Chase has done a fantastic job of pulling real feelings from Carter and inducing them into the hearts of his readers. Carter is a character whom is easy to fall in love with and will melt your heart and heat your passion to a raging inferno with his lust for Kate and we can't forget about Talia.

Steaming hot sex scenarios, that are very well written, will have you reaching for your special someone and possibly your lust and love will be rediscovered as well!

Five stars, hands down! Can't wait to read more of his work!

I admit this story made me a little bit anxious at first. I have written a story about "swinging" myself, and I remember being on an emotional roller-coaster ride when I was writing from the male "nice guy" character's POV. So, when I started to read this, I was really worried for Carter.
Despite reading and writing about so many dominating alpha males, I really do have a soft spot for nice guys! I wondered if this genuine, honest dude was going to have his heart twisted into a pretzel by the carnally experienced, aggressive, swinging Kate.
But Chase Boehner's masterful writing made me believe that a couple could swing/swap--while keeping their relationship healthy and close.
Kate proves to be a singular woman who never lets her man forget he's number one in her life--even when they're both coupling with other people.
It does also help that Carter ends up paired off on the first night of swapping with Talia, his long-time crush ... A treat he wasn't expecting to get from this arrangement.
And the final love/sex scene shows the love and tenderness between Kate and Carter, ending the story on a happy romantic note.
The writing throughout is excellent and exciting and detailed. Two scenes stood out for me: the "under the table" scene at the beginning, in the coffee shop (I loved Kate's daring spontaneity--wish I could be so bold in real life!). And it was all the more exciting due to the fact that Kate's BFF Talia was watching ...
The second scene was the "choosing" at the swinger's party. Carter, blindfolded, has to "control" his release until he's caressed by the female hand of his crush ... A brilliant and deliciously original scene.

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  1. Congratulations on the success of your book Chase! Wow some great reviews! Have now added it to my TBR pile and look forward to it especially as I've never read erotica written by a male author so you just maybe the first to pop that cherry ;) All the best!