Thursday, March 14, 2013

Q&A with Provocative Erotica Author Elizabeth Woodham

Today I am proud to feature an original voice in the field of erotica. Elizabeth Woodham writes in a style all her own. As a reader you can count on new frontiers being explored and new senses being indulged. Elizabeth breaks barriers with her Provocative Erotica titles and is not afraid to make her readers think and even question what defines Erotica through her richly crafted words.

Why Erotica?

I’ve been writing creatively for as long as I can remember and often write in other genres, but adore erotica and wonder at the classification. Who decides? Perhaps erotica is too often seen as being ‘pornographic’ or in some way unacceptable because it commonly relates directly to sex, but the erotic can be found in many types of literature, especially poetry and other literary fiction that isn’t marketed or classed in the ‘erotic’ genre and is sometimes used as examination texts. Difficult themes and subjects are explored for learning purposes; I think it strange that violence and other antisocial behaviour are studied in poetry and literature while erotica is frequently ignored.

Do you think there is a distinct difference between British written erotica and American written erotica? If so what are the differences you see?

We should embrace our differences, such as our different ways of speaking, listening and writing. It’s disheartening to see reviews which focus on an author’s spelling and grammar in a negative way when the writer is simply using British English, as opposed to US English (and vice-versa) both are correct and entertaining.

You write or have written under two different pen names in erotica; the other being Secret Narrative. What sets one apart from the other in the genre?

Secret Narrative writes from male and female point of view, and covers issues which are a little edgier than Elizabeth Woodham (weird talking in third person) such as dubious consent, group sex and generally harsher themes.

Provocative Erotica is a tag used in some of your erotica titles. Can you tell us what the aim is with this line of erotica and what your readers should expect?

I hope my work acts as a stimulus, whether directly, as in sexual desire, a turn on for couples reading together or for individual escapism, and also thought-provoking in ways other than directly sexual. Nerium Oleander and The Decision Tree are both very short stories (published in the ‘Short, Provocative Erotica series) which explore provocative themes, one being stalking and the other being abusive relationships.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I am addicted to Shakespeare, classic literature art, music and poetry but a great deal of my work is autobiographical. Lily’s Mute Letter is an example of an autobiographical piece, and The Decision Tree is another, with poetic licence in the latter.

What one quality would you say defines your work?


 Elizabeth also has a New Release out in her Provocative Erotica Series. Follow the links below for the US and UK site Amazon Purchasing Pages.



  1. Great Q & A. Makes me want to read them all!


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