Wednesday, March 13, 2013

About New Google + Community The Writing Cave

For those that are still unaware of The Writing Cave community on Google+ here is a Q&A to help familiarize yourself with a hot new resource for Bloggers, Poets, Erotic Authors, and General Discussion!! Interviewed are A.A. Harris and B.K. Harris, the co-founders of this helpful new resource.
1.) What prompted the collaboration on a blog featuring writers?
A.A.Harris: It's actually a funny story. B and I both had some experiences in communities where we had posted our poems/stories in. So in a phone conversation we were discussing our difficulties and I mentioned to him that I was starting a community. His initial reaction was "I was gonna just ask you if you wanted to start a community with me." And that's how The Writing Cave came to be.
B.K.Harris:  We wanted to create a total author/blogger/poet/writing community that will help with writing or self publishing.
2.) What is the main goal you want to accomplish with The Writing Cave?
A.A.Harris: The goal of The Writing Cave is to develop a family of support. We want people to be able to come to the community and share anything and everything and feel comfortable doing it. Writing can be an intimidating thing. There are people out there that can make you feel like they are out to get you (whether they realize it or not) Everyone in the community there is only there to provide support to each other.
B.K.Harris: For me, I wanted to create a place much like the editing process of a book. Start with some blogging, get popular, self publish. And when you want to self publish, you may want beta readers, a cover designer etc. So I want the writing cave to be a place where people can come to get useful resources to self publish. (Or just blog if they want to)
3.) What is in store for the Blogs future expansion wise? Do you plan on having a review section or a question section for writer's to help other writer's? Or do you have a different goal in mind?
A.A.Harris: Our main goal was to get it started and to advertise it to gain followers. We are up for any and all suggestions to help improve the community. The main goal is to provide a community for all people readers and writers to network, share, learn and teach others. As we grow in fellowship we will grow in development.
B.K.Harris: expansion wise, I feel we both want it to be a full fledged system that can be used for all writers to use where they can come to interact with like minded people and get help (if needed) with their writing careers, whatever that may be.
4.) What is the one thing you want authors and blog hoppers to take away from a visit to your blog?
A.A.Harris: I want people to walk away from the community with a sense of not only accomplishment but friendship and encouragement.
B.K.Harris:  When people visit my blog I want them to see a place where it's free (often encouraged) to explore any sexual fantasies that you may have, as well as a place that supports life problems and experiences. I write about everything from fetish exploration to depression.I just want to create a place where people can feel safe to be who they are, and not be judged in anyway.
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