Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blogger Interview with A.A.Harris-Moderator of The Writing Cave

1.)You write in dual mediums, one being poetry and the other story based. Which forum do you gravitate to more as a writer and why?

I certainly didn't start out in dual mediums. I originally started out with the intention of writing only short stories. The main reason I actually started blogging was to try and find my writing voice. I had spent a good two weeks last summer writing a book that I hope to publish into a series soon. I had this incredible story in my head that was screaming to get out so I spent everyday listening to music and to my surprise I had written 50,000 words. But after those two weeks I couldn't seem to find my voice again. I struggled to get back into the book or to even write anything.

In the fall I ventured onto Twitter and became friends with some really great people of all different walks of life. What I found were people who had some incredible talent and courage in their writing. They posted poems and stories everyday through blogs and shared them on Twitter. The idea to start my blog eventually came one night when I was reading a book. I had this vision in my head of this short scene so I hurried and typed it up. To my amazement I had found my voice again. I then decided to take the flying leap and create a blog. I remember the night I actually posted it. One person stuck out to me, he was extremely talented and confident in his writing and who has now become an extremely large part of my life. Some know of him as Brandon or better known now as B.K. Harris. I was so nervous that I only posted it to him and told him how much he had inspired me. But after some incredible feedback from not only him but many others my confidence started to build and more and more stories started to form.

It wasn't until one night when I was posting pictures on my Tumblr account that I saw this picture of a Dom whipping his sub. Immediately I had words running through my head in the form of a poem. So for a laugh I decided to write it down. About a week later in a conversation with B.K. Harris he asked that I send it to him to look over. Being a poet himself he wanted the opportunity to read it. He ended up encouraging me to post it and before I knew it I was writing dual mediums.

There really isn't one medium that I gravitate towards. I find both equally easy and hard to write. Which one I write really depends on my mood or emotions at the time. I could be listening to a song and before I know it I have a poem written down or I could look at a picture and write an entire story or vice versa.

2.) Of the medium you dabble less in what drives you to explore it?

I would say recently I have dabbled more in poetry only because I just started to explore it. I found after the first poem I wrote I started to write more and more of them. So technically I have more poems then I do short stories. What I have found in writing is that if I don't sit down and write a short story in one sitting I have a hard time getting back into it. So needless to say I have several poems and stories started that are unfinished.

3.) Why the medium of blogging?

Blogging has given me confidence in my writing that I never had before. It has allowed me to explore different forms of writing and to share it with others. With each poem or short story I post I have gained more confidence to explorer deeper and darker topics. And with most authors or writers I have found the more work they produce the better their work gets. So blogging is my way of practicing for when I do publish my book. Since blogging each piece I have written has gotten better than the last.

4.) Besides blogging and writing what other interests do you have that you are driven to pursue?

Besides writing and blogging I also paint. I focus on only a few things such as piggy banks, wine glasses, plates and Christmas Blubs. I would love to pursue that more and get more involved in painting glasses for weddings and events.

5.) You have a keen erotic edge to your blog. What drives your erotic voice?

I've always been drawn to erotica not only in writing but also in pictures. I find black and white erotic photography absolutely beautiful. At the end of the day though I just have an erotic imagination, I live for fantasies. My voice is driven by several things though. I am a very lyrical person when it comes to music. The quote "Music is my life, the lyrics are my story" is one of my favorite because it is so true. A song can not only tell a story but can drive an erotic scene in so many ways from being rough and hard to soft and sensual. Pictures can also drive my voice depending on the body language and mood created. Also I am naturally a dominate person so my voice is driven by my personality added with music and pictures it can paint a pretty erotic picture.
Check out A.A.Harris at her blog here: http://aaharris.blogspot.com/


  1. fabulous. so glad you've found your voice and shared it with us all. X

  2. I'm honored that you mentioned me. I just wanted others to see/read what I did. <3 you

  3. Awe thank you both ;)

  4. It's interesting that you feel blogging has made you more confident. It's nice to know that it can actually improve how you feel about your work with time.