Monday, April 1, 2013

Your Opinion on My Interviews?

Ok everyone, I just wanted to take a moment and ask your opinion about the interviews I have been conducting lately. Do you love them, hate them, don't care either way?
If you like them, what's working for you?
If you hate them, where am I falling short?
If your indifferent, what would you like to see posted here?
What would you like to see in future interviews?
Any questions I'm not asking that you would like to see asked?
This blog works because you visit and read and humble me by stopping by. I want to continue to be an entertaining stop on your daily blog hop and what you think really does make a difference to me. I know not a lot of people post comments, but this is your chance to help shape a post into something you find worthwhile. I will always do interviews, but there is room for growth and also room for more posts that perhaps i have not thought of. I am still new to this whole Blogging adventure and like anyone that cares about what they do, I want to improve my output to all of you so it's not left wanting.
Thanks for anyone that leaves a comment and participates! Best Wishes to All and Take Care!! :-) Chase

1 comment:

  1. Love 'em! Don't change a thing, Chase. They are fun, insightful, and very interesting. I really enjoying reading about other authors and seeing what YOU like. :)