Thursday, March 28, 2013

Author Spotlight on Cameron Lincoln and his Naughty Words!!

Welcome everyone to another Male Erotica Author Spotlight. Today we hang out with Cameron Lincoln and get a little insight into his world.

1.) What led you into the Erotica genre?

I started writing erotica in 2012 when I wrote A Friendly Rivalry. I liked the idea that something I wrote could excite someone, if only for the time it took them to read. Once I put the story out there and people started buying it and enjoying it, it was the greatest feeling in the world. I'd always written, but this was a great grenre to play in becase the emotions and reactions you create are so intense.

2.) What subgenre of erotica most influences your writing and why?
I like stories about people exploring new things, discovering what makes them tick and finding new things that turn them on. Characters who find themselves, or something new about themselves, through sex, relationships and passion. I don't know if that's a particular genre per se, but it could fit into any area of sexuality. Regardless of setting or fetish, I think erotica should always be about people, so I love stories that make me care about the characters who're going through these things. It could be a simple likeability or something I can identify with. It makes me want to go on their journey far more than just having two anonymous stock characters going at it for the sake of sex.

3.) What do you see as the biggest difference between male and female written erotica?
It would be easy to say male writers focus on the physicality of a scene while the female authors will pay more attention to the emotion, but that's a very broad generalistion and isn't true in so many of the cases. I read and love work by both genders, and I think you could easily do a 'blind reading' where you presented me with erotica written by talented writers of both sexes and I'd never be able to tell the difference. If you can find that balance between story, phsyicality and emotion then you've written a piece then it doesn't matter. But I do think some readers steer towards a particular kind for gender reasons - they like knowing it was written by a man or a woman in particular, because regardless of the POV of the characters, it will always give insights into the way of thinking of a male or female writer.

4.) How would you compare British written Erotica to american written Erotica?
To be honest, I don't think there's a difference, aside from some of turns of phrase/colloquialisms that might appear in dialogue. Sex is universal, and the geographical location of the writer doesn't come into my decision to read a particular book. Any kind of notions of national stereotyping based on sex is a myth. Having been born and raised in England, the 'No sex please, we're British' thing is absolutely poppycock, I promise you!

5.) What future projects can your fans expect from you?
The third part of my Holiday Heat trilogy is currently in progress - titled Oceans Of 'Desire'. That'll be the next thing that I publish. I've got two other stories in progress and about seven ideas for others, so plenty to be keeping me busy. I want to make every story different, explore a different fetish or genre with erotica running through it.

6.) What book of your is a good jumping on point for new readers?
Extra Marital Pleasures. It feels like a very complete and beautiful story to me. I don’t blow my own trumpet as a writer very often but I was proud of that story when it was finished. I feel like I hit that mix of story, character, emotion and sex just right. But then I encourage others to give it a read and judge for themselves!

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  1. Very insightful interview into the mind of a male erotic writer. It's nice to hear that the thoughts of a male writer aren't the stereotyped, one track perverted mind society tends to make them out to be. I've been reading a lot of erotica written by men and find they can be just as emotional and romantic as women, sometimes even more so. To know how a man thinks when he wants a woman, either purely sexually or throwing emotion into the fire of their hunger, has me reading more and more male authors writings than ever before. Finding such people as Cameron Lincoln, Jason Jaxx, Christopher Cooper, Dr. Ivan Rusilko and of course Chase Boehner who allow their heartfelt feelings to show in their work is a simple, refreshing pleasure that I will cherish for years to come.
    Thank you Cameron for your insight and thank you Chase for bringing Cameron into your spotlight.
    ~Chasity Breeze

  2. Great insight into the mind of a talented writer. Nice blog, Chase. :) I am fairly new to the erotica genre as a reader and arrive armed with a contemporary romance perspective, so for me, what I appreciate about Cameron's style is his attention to detail beyond the physical nature of sex which admittedly I may have come in expecting to be the major focus for a male writer. I'll acknowledge that I associate that attention and those nuances to primarily female writers, and Cameron proves me wrong. And here's a first: I don't mind being wrong :) unheard of for this stubborn Greek normally. Ha. It was intriguing to read the author's thoughts in his own words and his approach to the process. Thanks, Chase, for sharing! ~ Chris Kuhn,

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment. You should really read my post on Male Writers of Erotica. You can find it in my archives on the lower right hand section. I would love your opinion on it. :-)

  3. Thanks for referring me to this article. I really do think that you've hit upon a significant point. Male erotica authors can provide just as emotionally satisfying results, defined characters and a detailed, patient approach to developing a believable romantic story arc as a female author can. I might not have agreed with you two years ago, but last summer I became a believer. As I commented on your other blog, I come from the contemporary romance genre as a reader and am new to the erotica genre. Similarly, I am writing a book not for erotica but for the romance audience as well. But last summer, I read two contemporary romance novels by Sylvain Reynard that knocked the wind out of me. Written by a man. Definitely the most beautiful, emotionally engaging love story and highly erotic love scenes that were still sensual and captivating, and frankly, I wouldn't have suspected that from a male author - I'll admit it. But after Reynard. I'm a believer. It's too general to sweep across and insist that male erotica authors or male romance authors, for that matter, are created equal (just as it would be a gross generalization for women authors), but if you discover thoughtful writers like the Cameron Lincolns, like the Chase Boehners (yes), that take that care and attention and appeal to the emotional aspect as much as the physical, the end result is just as alluring and memorable. So I'm a believer, Chase. Yes, I am. :) Thanks again for referring me to this blog post. Keep writing the good stuff! ~ Chris Kuhn