Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Big Question. Why Erotica!!!!

     Why Erotica is a question- that as a male erotica author- you get asked a lot. For me the answer was simple but had many parts. The first piece of the puzzle was that it was fun. FUN!!!! Yes, fun. It helps to have a bit of fun now and then when writing. It helps keep the mind fresh in other endeavours and keeps creativity flowing. The added bonus you get as an erotica author is the readers that check out your books are very generous and vocal in their support of your characters. Even in shorts readers get as attached to your characters as you do. Which leads me to reason number two.
     Reason number two is I believe I have something different to add to the genre. I noticed when researching this topic before actually writing in it that most of what I read had to do with cheating, bdsm, taboo, wife swapping and various abusive themes to females.What I noticed was missing was a strong core of erotica based on couples that are not only happy together but also are respectful of each other. The sexual scenarios that they engage in are always through the consent of their mate and that makes the taboo's they explore hotter instead of cheap and tawdry. That, of course, is just my opinion on erotica. But I am trying to create my own niche and thus far it is very well received and seems to be quite fresh to a lot of readers.
     Finally, it seemed like a very supportive community to be involved in. Well, that turned out to be truer than I could have imagined. Since my humble beginnings in this genre many other authors and fans have stepped forward and helped me improve along my journey. It has been an overwhelmingly humbling experience to see how many people there are out there that are just kind and generous beyond what I could at first reason. By far the most fun and rewarding aspect of this whole thing has been the friends I have made and the interactions I have on a daily basis with people that just ooze quality. To them I say thanks. You all know who you are as I speak to you on a daily or weekly basis and it's because of you that I am writing away and thrilled to be an erotic author!!
    So Why Erotica? Because every facet of this journey so far has been and incredible and enlightening experience. :-)


  1. What an amazing outlook on writing erotica! I am so excited that there is a male erotica author that has such feelings for the softer, loving side of a man and woman. I certainly hope that my feelings for my husband, Brock, are made perfectly clear in my "Swingers" books. We have never been more in love than we are today and life is so full of wonderful and naughty surprises with us!
    Chase, you are truly a gentleman, naughty, but a gentleman and I appreciate that very much. Keep writing, my friend and stay sexy!

    1. Thank You so much Chastity for the incredible kind words and count yourself among the many thanked!!!!!

  2. Very happy for your success! Added you to my Google Reader... you have a new follower ;)

    1. Thank you so much I am incedibly happy to hear it.I am new to blogging so I am learning as I go. I also want to do guest post so if you are ever interested let me know. :-)