Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review Spotlight from Chase Boehner On Kamarovsky's Girl
Intimate and Inviting
This story flows like liquid from the lips that read it and down inside to saturate you essence with each remembrance, old and new, from Chloe as the events in her life, both past and present and not yet encountered play like a finely tuned piano before you. The words make you delight in the ecstasy and revel in each new ray of illuminating light that sheds another peak into Chloe's upturned world. Another fabulous installment from this author, and another piece of the puzzle fits into place.

Again dear readers, Elizabeth Woodham's Short, Provocative erotica has been featured on my blog before and the reason is simple. This is what I consider superior erotica. It teases and tantalizes but also engages your mind in a deeper, more intimate experience than you would normally find in an erotic short. This is a not down and dirty erotica but a full immersion in which all your senses are involved to create a total experience. This is erotica evolved.

Take Care All, Chase


  1. The review is so totally enticing and it feels somehow as if history itself is in the making.

  2. Dear Chase

    Thank you so much for featuring my work at your Review Spot. I am both moved and thrilled by your wonderful review, ongoing support and friendship. I appreciate our connection and thank you sincerely for being my friend.

    With warm wishes

    Liz x

  3. Your review is like a personal invitation to enjoy and relish the words of the author! My flavor buds have been tempted, so It will
    be my next read!