Monday, April 22, 2013

Interviewed by Leanna Harrow on her Today's Tease Segment!!!

Today I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the lovely and talented author Leanna Harrow. It was a fun and interesting Q&A and she made me think. Stop over and learn something new about the man behind the Chase Boehner name!


  1. Incredible interview, Chase! I really learned a lot from your input, opinions and advice! I agree with you on so many levels and I admire your relationship with your lovely wife! Thank you for including her in everything you do! It means a lot to us wives out there to actually see how much you adore her! You ARE the man!! So proud of your accomplishments!! You rock!!

    ~Chas <3

  2. Thank you for appearing Chase! You are one of my fav's ;)

    1. I loved being there. It was truly my pleasure. :-)Thanks again. :-)