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Erotic Author Interview with Kenny Wright

Today I have the pleasure of having Kenny Wright, erotic author, over for an interview. Please take a moment and enjoy this gentlemen's engaging answers to a few questions.
1. As a male author, why Erotica?
The easy answer is that erotica is fun. For me, writing is a hobby. Always has been--and unless I have some EL James style luck--it always will be. So first and foremost, I write stories that I would enjoy reading. I like reading about sexy scenarios. Thus, I write sexy stories.

Beyond that, though, I think writing is a great way to explore fantasies that should probably remain fantasies. Wife-watching and swinging are the epitome of this--not that I would even begin to judge those who take up the lifestyle. I just know that it's not for me and my wife. But in fiction, anything's possible.

2. What subgenre of erotica influences you the most? (bdsm, spanking,etc.)
That's a good question. In general, I'm drawn to erotica that involves the slow stripping away of innocence. I enjoy that moment where a character crosses a line into something new and a little scary.

More specifically, though, I have a few go-to subgenres. Voyeurism and stories about older women with younger men are elements I tend to write often. As I said above, wife-watching scenarios pack a strong punch for me. Swinging (especially stories of couples getting involved for the first time) can be hot when done well. I'm a believer in that a cuckold story can be told without the humiliation and wimpy husband aspects to it. I think that married couples being naughty create such a visceral reaction in me (both when I write them and when I read them) because there's so much at stake--and I can relate to them on some level.

At the heart of all that I write (and a lot of what I enjoy reading) is some sense of romance. I wrote a blog post a while back (Romantic erotica, not erotic romance) that touched on this. I'm not talking overly sentimental, and I'm certainly not talking about those bodice-ripping romances of yore. But I like it when characters love each other, and that's a thread that I carry through most of my stories.

3. Describe your journey as an erotic author.
I first discovered how hot written word could be in the pages of Penthouse Letters, and found some more on an old BBS (remember those?). Somewhere around that time, I wrote my first erotic story. I'd been writing angsty fiction for a while, but suddenly, a new world was open to me. When the web became the web and sites like Literotica started popping up, I realized that I wasn't alone in the world. I posted a few stories on that site, but it wasn't until I made a few friendships that I decided to get a little more serious with my hobby.

I probably owe most of where I am to Jake Marlow, an author who I'd first been a fan of, and later, a good friend. He encouraged me to branch out into the world of publishing beyond the free sites. Another huge influence in my journey has been my editor, Lucy V. Morgan, who helped me mature as a writer and challenged me in all the areas that I needed to be challenged. And of course, a lot of credit has to go to my wife, who's supported this hobby, as crazy and out there as it may be.

4. What inspires your words?
Everything? Ha. I get ideas in the most random of places. My stories are fantasies, but they're usually bred from something in real life. Leap, for example, occurred to me last February, as leap day approached and I thought about a playful couple pretending that the day was like a temporal Las Vegas: what happens on leap day stays on leap day. And then boom, a novella was born.

I think all good fiction has some elements of experience to them. It helps breath life into the story. It fills in the details. And if you've never experienced some of the emotions going on in your characters, it may not come off as genuine. With erotica, the story has to turn you on. If it doesn't, then most likely it'll feel flat to the reader, too.

5. What book of yours is a good jumping on point for new readers?
Depends on what you're looking for. For a playful wife-watching/naughty wife scenario, I'd suggest Rediscovering Danielle. It's pretty short, is about a couple just beginning to dabble in that forbidden world, and would be a good intro for a reader. For a fun and free MILF story, Moving Mrs. Mitchell is another short about a hot mom who gets involved in a couple younger guys. And for something a little longer, there's my just-published All In: Strip Poker Done Right, which is about three couples playing (you guessed it) strip poker.
6. What can readers expect next from you?
I'm currently working through the sequel to Rediscovering Danielle, entitled Just Watch Me. It's an entirely independent story about Dean and Danielle's further adventures, this time set on the sandy beaches and volcanic vistas of Hawaii. It'll be my longest book yet, but hopefully also one of the hottest.

After that, I'm working on a revision of a story I'd written jointly with another author, Kirsten McCurran, entitled Because He's Watching (I know, it seems all my books have the word "watch" in them, but hey, didn't I say I liked voyeurism?). Kirsten wrote the story from the wife's, Emily's, perspective. I wrote mine from her husband, Ian's, but wasn't happy with the way it turned out. A year and a half later, I think I know the story I want to tell--and more importantly, I'm ready to tell it.

And after that? Who knows. I'm always open to suggestions on what comes next. I'm available on my blog, as well as twitter (@kennywriter) and Facebook.
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  1. Wow! I'm blown away by how much thought obviously went into these answers and the clarity with which those thoughts are expressed. An exciting read. I've already read two of Kenny's books, "All In" and "Danielle", and I',, definitely be picking up the "Danielle" sequel.