Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interview with New Author DK Michaels

This week I am featuring male writers of erotica. What inspires them and what motivates them to publish in this genre? We will try to get some insight into their styles and reasons behind their choices. First up is New Author DK Michaels.

1.)What do you believe is your unique voice in erotica?
 Let me begin by saying that my focus is on making readers feel the story and as with all writers, women or men like to imagine they are one of the lead characters. As a virgin novelist I am willing to push the boundaries and delve into a territory that others have not considered, I also base my sexual scenes on real life situations. For example, my sex scenes are things I have done and experienced and I like writing a scene about what I did last year with my wife. My characters are like actual people. All women would love to meet a good looking, rich billionaire but the truth is they won't and so I stick with middle class to maybe a type of elite class but not a rich over powering heroine or hero. I base my characters on good old fashioned chivalry but I must admit the sex scenes are quiet erotic. My philosophy is if I can get turned on writing them than readers will get turned on while they are reading the story. I also fill mine with heartache and sadness. They do not all have to have happy endings; no pun intended.

2.)What subgenre in Erotica influences you most? (bdsm,Spanking etc..)
BDSM is a definite. I honestly believe by years end there will a thousand books on the market based on that subject matter and that is why Shades was so successful. It was a subject that was taboo and it worked (hip hip hooray) for E.L James and payed off. My influences are more based on nasty, angry, and wild adulterous sex where the two characters use each other sexually to get their aggressions out which are brought on by their lives. An example in my book being Siana who is the wife of an adulterer and a wife beater. She is submissive in her life but very dominate in the bedroom. Lachlan is a bad boy, evil inside and he is dominate in life. She finds a way to tame the wild beast.

3.)  What led you to the field of erotica?
Well I will admit it; I am a highly sexual person. I love sex and after reading Shades my wife told me I had the ability to write like that so I decided to give it a go. After floating many ideas through my perverted sexual mind I finally started writing and finally the story line fell into place. Five chapters in and it was test time. I put it out there for a few select people to read from different backgrounds and interests and all had positive results so the saga continued.

4.)Can you tell us about your upcoming release? 
My upcoming release is called Cyber Romance, and without giving too much away its about Lachlan and Siana. He's a former bad boy raised in a strict family and finally rebelling. He is happy in his life but constantly running from two worlds; one he can't get away from the other he doesn't want to really run from.
Siana is in a loveless marriage. She forgets what love is or is it she has just never truly fallen in love.
He's a catholic and she is a Muslim.She is refined and he's a bad, evil person. Different lives, different beliefs, different cultures, but yet so compatible. They meet in an online chat room and from there they begin on a path neither could ever imagined. The two become heavily involved in a deep passionate romance and there is nothing they wouldn't do for each other. It's a story of how two people can fall so deeply in love. Enough said on this one as I would much rather people find out for themselves.

5.)What can readers expect in future stories? 
Originally Cyber Romance was meant to be a single novel but it is looking now at being two novels. And as I write this one and idea for another has entered my mind and it will be a novel on its own with twists and turns no one would see coming. It's a very different story line compared to Cyber Romance but an interesting one all the same. From there who knows what the future holds; we can only wait and see.

You can find DK Michaels on FB and Goodreads!


  1. Awesome interview!!! Cant wait to read more of DK Michaels Novel"s"...

  2. Nice interview! DK Michaels has had me sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for Cyber Romance to come out for some time now! Teasing us on facebook with little excerpts here and there and such erotic pics to go with them is brilliant. Posting information like that long before the book is complete is a good way to keep people interested in what he is doing and preparing them for his dramatic burst into the world of writing. And being that this is his first book, I think I can speak for the other authors and readers out there who have been reading these little tantalizing teasers, that Cyber Romance will make a big explosion into the world of erotica once published with so many authors and readers already familiar with the story that will be willing to help promote it throughout their circles of friends and fans. DK Michaels is one to watch closely and be ready for his big debut. I know I will be.

    Good choice for your first featured male erotic writer, Chase. And, keep up the awesome interviews! Getting to know the writers with you is fun and very interesting.

    ~Chasity Breeze