Friday, March 22, 2013

Erotica Author Jason Jaxx stops by for a quick Q&A

Today I am lucky to have the ever gracious and kind Jason Jaxx over to my Blog to continue my spotlight on Male Erotica Writers. Please enjoy his enlightening answers.

1.)As a male author, why Erotica?
I have always been a voracious reader and discovering erotic novels during my 'formative' years was instrumental in my appreciation of the genre.
As with all forms of literature, a well written piece of erotica lets the imagination take hold and create something greater than words on a page. I soon found that writing about my fantasies was both a turn-on and creatively satisfying.
I have tried my hand at writing in other genres and styles, some of which may yet see the light of day but I find that I am most comfortable and confident when addressing spicier topics.
2.)What subgenre of erotica influences you the most? (bdsm, spanking,etc.)
I wouldn't say there's a specific subgenre although I tend to enjoy stories that involve swinging, group sex or BDSM. . In my books, I have incorporated these and other matters that my imagination (and the story) takes me including older woman/younger men, spanking and fantasy fulfillment.
With my writing, I try and challenge myself by writing from different narrative perspectives, themes and subject matter.
3.)Describe your journey as an erotic author.
I used to write 'dirty' stories for myself when I was younger. Upon discovering websites where one could post such works, I dug up and updated some of these pieces to generally favorable feedback. Publishing and having people read my words has always been a dream of mine but I never really considered it as a possibility until I encountered Smashwords and the channel they provide for indie publishers.
I downloaded and read their style guide and decided to give it a go. Trying not to think too much about it, I took a leap of faith and published A Night on the Town, made it free and then waited, fingers hovering over metaphorically over the Unpublish button, ready to end this fool's errand at the first sign of disapproval. Thankfully, I got several downloads and some wonderful reviews that gave me a boost of confidence and I really haven't looked back since.
I've pretty much learnt (and am still learning) as I went along and have since been introduced to wonderful authors and readers whose support and encouragement has made this journey both creatively and personally fulfilling. I try write something every day and although I now consider myself a writer, I wouldn't say it's my career, my sales are relatively modest and I find myself having to steal moments from a busy work schedule to devote to writing (since no-one knows about it I have to be secretive) but now that I've started down this road, I couldn't imagine not doing this. Knowing that there are folks out there that enjoy and want to read what I write is amazing, wonderful and mind blowing.
4.) What inspires your words?
I have several ideas for plots percolating and every so often, I get a moment of clarity where I know exactly what to do and where to take the story. These moments can be sparked by an overheard conversation, idle thought or song lyric. The one thing about being a writer is that everything that you see or hear can be used at some point in a story so I get inspiration from pretty much everything.
Movies, TV and people watching can inspire scenarios or ideas for characters.
For the sex scenes, I tend to write about what turns me on. Being a guy that's pretty much anything but I do try to fully explore a particular scenario or setting. Some of it is based loosely on real life events.
5.) What book of yours is a good jumping on point for new readers?
I have a free book 'Dirty Secrets & Filthy Fantasies'which is a collection of those early stories that I posted online. The follow up Secret Storytime: More Filthy Fantasies is free on Smashwords. These are collections of short stories packed with hot and heavy erotic action that cover a wide variety of scenarios and subgenres.
Otherwise my first book 'A Night on the Town' or my latest 'Amber's Opus' are also good places to start.
For a list of my books you can check out my Amazon page
6.) What can readers expect next from you?
I have 2 Works In Progress that I intend to publish in the upcoming months:
  • The MILF Files Book 4- the latest in my series starring Jennifer, a mature woman, who embarks upon a sexual voyage of discovery with her son's best friend.
  • The Medallion - an erotic thriller about an amulet that bestows the wearer with mystical sexual abilities.
However, I find that my plans are liable to change once inspiration strikes so I have no real idea what my next book might be.
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  1. Fabulous, well done Chase and Jason. A great read x

  2. Enjoyed muchly ... grazie for sharing! Bells xx

  3. I've enjoyed reading some of Jason's work and I loved it! I will be reading more for sure. Nice interview. Getting to know the authors of our favorite books through a good Q&A session is always nice. Thanks Chase for bringing this to us. Keep up the good work, both of you!
    ;) ~Chasity Breeze