Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two Bloggers for your consideration!!

Friends, followers and blog hoppers,
Through out your daily travels you may look to be moved by a post or poem or any tidbit of literature that catches your eye but if you are looking for that rare experience of being touched by what you read and being moved to the core by honest and soul baring emotion then you owe to yourself and your friends of like mind to check out the beautiful words given to us from the hearts of these two beautiful, talented, caring, and all around incredible souls. To the right of my blog please direct your attention to the links provided of The Obsessive Compulsive Thoughts of a Chick and The Sacred Road. Although they are both beautiful and kind, the souls within reflect a beauty that is undying and eternal and betters the live's of all those they touch. Give them a moment of your time and and you will be returning daily because they accomplish what is hardest to do: They make you feel! Ladies, you honor me with your presence on my blog, Chase Boehner!


  1. I am truly without words friend. Thank you I am extremely humbled. :')

  2. I am so very blessed to call you friend and have such a talent in my corner. humbled and beyond honored. X

  3. Two perfect writers to be featured. I couldn't agree more Chase.

    The Bad Penny XoXo