Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Poetic Passion Play with Guest Blogger b.l. ronan

A few words from Chase Boehner to introduce the lovely and talented b.l. ronan.
 I became friends with this talented poet through our mutual love of the written word. I happened across her sensual, moving prose quite by accident but stayed because it hooked me! It quite simply drew me in as I experienced and was moved by the emotions she wrote into life. She has made me feel her unquestioning love for the man that holds her heart. She has made me feel lost when she was lost, sad when she was sad, and both hopeful and hopeless as well as found. She has even made me feel some spicier feelings that are best left discovered on your own. So, ladies and gentlemen, the woman I am proud to call friend: b.l. ronan in her own words-

as long as i can remember, i have been in love with words. music, books, poetry - they all used language to convey an emotionally resonating experience. as a shy kid, words were my sanctuary. lost in the expansive range of the english language i was able to be all that i felt that i wasn't. i grew up using writing as a catharsis and an escape. my favorite medium was always poetry, as i had not ever been granted the possibility of more. i wrote my heart out in diaries and depressing angst ridden poems. then i went to college. i got my b.a. in english and it killed my creativity. how could i possibly write something worth reading when i am taking a course that rips apart the greats? so it was years until i picked up the pen and this time it was long form fiction. but this past fall i hit a cross roads and once again found my light in the darkness. the one thing that had saved me so many times before again came to my rescue. this time, however, it looked a little different and pushed the boundaries not only in technique but in context.

why the medium of poetry?
as crazy as it sounds, my brain seems to function lyrically. what i write, is basically what i breathe. a bit of my soul always finds its way through my pen onto the parchment and i always doubt its ability to resonate. prose has always been the true beat of my heart, so there is a comfort level in its brevity.

how does your inspiration strike you? is it through emotions or imagery or a combination of things?
like most writers, i am inspired by everything. mostly i am driven by my emotional state and the need to find a way to relieve the pressure of it. i tap very easily into my darker, shadowed places. these poems are probably my strongest because this is a space i have resided in for a very long time. there is a comfort level there and it also has allowed me to tap into the empathy that writing requires. my rl muse, images, songs - all these things create a spark that then takes on a life of its own. it can be a simple conversation that leads itself to something else entirely.

the hardest poem you ever put to print?
i don't ever find it hard to put pen to page emotionally. i do sometimes lack the headspace to truly tap into the emotive state i need in order to convey the story i wish to impart. emotionally though, my most bare piece is probably tired. i was in a really bad place when i penned it and wrote it through a haze of tears. as most of my darker poems are, this one is truly an imprint of my bruised heart.

why blogging?
i was inspired by other poets who i'd met on twitter. many were blogging and it was how i had access to their work. when i started to write more frequently and gain confidence, i decided, after many pep talks from my friends,to start a blog. it also became a place where i could chronicle my journey. i made some huge life changes when i began this path and this was a way for me to reflect and grow emotionally. i'm amazed that anyone has connected or enjoyed my words and the love and support i have received have pushed me into contemplating publishing. i hope to grow and push myself with each piece of prose and with a blog i am able to share those experiences with others.


  1. Awe and we love her and her words. Love that she has shared her amazing journey with us.

  2. Great post indeed! b.l.ronan is exquisitely talented!