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Erotic Author Spotlight with Special Guest M.J. Carey

I am pleased to share with you all today a Chase Boehner Exclusive sneak peek into the musings of erotic author M.J. Carey. I want to thank him for stopping by and thank you all for stopping to read. But, enough of my meager ramblings and on to the main event. Please enjoy this Q&A:

1.)   Can you tell my readers a little about the writing team behind the pen name?


Hello Chase, Good to meet a fellow author. Thanks for interviewing me.


The pen name. M.J.Carey is made up of elements of my real name. I use it to separate my erotic writing from my non-writing day job, and from a more mainstream novel I’ve written. The writing is all just from my mind and goes a long way to answer my creative needs. Meanwhile the proofreading, editing and feedback is from my significant other. She tells me whether she likes it or not and points out where I’ve gone wrong with the punctuation (laughs).


I should also credit the passengers on my commute to work over nine years. On these journeys I’ve written three novels and all the Sisterhood stories (all using a PDA). My fellow commuters had no idea I was off in some fantasy world, imagining such things, travelling with my mind and recording it all for my readers.


2.)   Can you define the M.J. Carey erotic experience and what readers can expect when they dive into your books?


My writing is generally about Female domination: Strong women and the strong(ish) men they find; men who are willing to bow down to their women. Against those relationships, I hope I describe a meeting of minds that escalates to a higher, intense sexuality, complete with tension, anticipation, apprehension, a little danger and a power exchange. I like to explore the negotiating stage of a relationship between people, to explore their ulterior motives: what are they prepared to give in order to receive what they want? What do they want? What do they need? Even though we’re talking about relationships based on Dominance and submission, the ‘bottoms’ are not necessarily submissive people, just willing to submit to the Dominant, possibly to get more than they bargained for. I hope that the erotic element is powerful and, in many cases, I'm sure it's extreme, but believable. After all erotica needs to do exactly what it sets out to achieve. I hope my writing is sexually convincing and my readers will be moved. Finally, all the scenes must be safe, sane and consensual. No matter how extreme the situation, the word ‘yes’ needs to be heard and safe words used.



3.)   You have a series out now titled The Sisterhood. Could you please give our readers a quick introduction to this world?


The Sisterhood is a shadow organization of like-minded women who enslave their men for power or for pleasure. The Sisterhood want to influence their world for the better. The members see this method of control as the perfect way. All the stories in the Sisterhood series are intended to show different aspects of the organization. It's secret, it's exclusive, by invitation only, its membership is drawn from successful women who both support the organization and reap the benefits of joining the club. Their only obligation is  to obtain a slave as part of the joining fee. Most of their activities are held behind closed doors in their own homes but there is a place, funded by the organization, to the outside world a hotel, where they meet and keep their co-owned slaves. Three of the stories published so far deal with the recruitment of slaves, while two: ‘An Itinerant slave’ and ‘The Equestrienne’, address the organization's private houses and what they do with their established, willing captives. More is revealed as each story is published. I’m planning a collection which will include a framing story that reveals a lot more.



4.)   You have a new series starting as well: House of Penheligon. Is this a new stand alone series or are there ties to The Sisterhood?


House of Penheligon is a series of novels I wrote over five years. Again the series is about female domination but this time in an exclusive, female society. There are similarities to the Sisterhood in the relationships between Dominants and submissives. Penheligon house is in Cornwall and was once neglected and falling apart before being sold by the family to be developed into a hotel. The central characters are three sisters from the original family. They have returned from Australia to buy it back and use it for their own, special purposes; enslaving females. There are men in the stories but only a few, trying to get in. Helped By one of the sisters. They don't all agree with the exclusivity. The tension comes from the conflicting needs and wants of the individual dominants and their possessions.



5.)   You also have some unconnected stories on the way, can you tell us what erotic genres you will be exploring in these new works?


I have a few in progress at varying stages of completion (I don’t think I’ll ever have time to suffer writer’s block). Unusually for me, one deals with male domination of a female. I think there’s more to explore there so it may be the first of a few. We’ll see. Two other stories address chastity and denial, either using the power of the mind and self-control, or using physical devices, using chastity and denial as a motivator, or as a leveler. There will be elements of D&S in both but not to the extent of the Sisterhood or the House of Penheligon.



6.)   What prompted your journey into the world of Erotica?


A great question. I’ve always wanted to write, ever since I was five. Obviously not erotica at that stage (although I’ll admit to a liking for Emma Peel of the Avengers, as a lad, especially when she was tied up). Later, while building a career that had nothing to do with writing as such, I dabbled a bit. Some years ago I wrote my first erotic story, a short novel. I consider that ‘practice’ and it will never be published. I then did some creative writing classes, focusing on mainstream. That experience told me I needed to make time to write. The train gave me that opportunity. My motivation was to write erotica, I think I just have that kind of mind, so I started on House of Penheligon. I kept going until I had finished (700 pages) and several other pieces. I took a break from the erotica in 2010 to write the other novel, which I epublished last year. Hungry for more I went back to spruce up the erotica, and here we are now. Above all I hope it’s well written, whether erotica or mainstream.


My books, available on Amazon:







House of Penheligon will be published as a series rather than in one go. It will also be collected into a paperback at some stage.

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  1. Fabulous interview, enlightening, interesting - great questions Chase. Very much looking forward to reading more from M.J.Carey x