Monday, April 29, 2013

I Turn Up a Bad Penny and Interview Penelope Jones, Blogger and author of Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath

Welcome Readers, we have a real treat for you today. The Bad Penny in question is none other than Blogger Extraordinaire and author of the poetry collection Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath, Penelope Jones. This may be the most revealing interview I’ve done yet. You will not want to miss the answers to these hard put questions. So sit down, dim the lights, put on your comfy clothes and get ready for some truly revealing answers.


 Cheers, Chase


1.) Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath reads like a journey. At the end of the journey what would you like your readers to be feeling?


Good question Chase. I sat long and hard thinking about this before I finished the book. What did I want to prove? What did I want readers to walk away feeling?


I want people to feel empowered, I want them to not give up on love, and I want them to know it’s OK to share your feelings no matter how raw or real they are… someone, somewhere is going to appreciate them… One Day.


2.) You mention in a few of your more raw poems that you are very guarded and it's difficult to share the entirety of yourself with someone, yet your poems and words have a base, raw, unapologetic honesty to them. Do you find it easier to share through words or is it a need, to be bare and exposed?


Chase you aren’t holding back, yeesh. *laughs*

I find it much easier to share how I feel through poetry or stories, but it’s also a need that I can’t seem to shake. Where I couldn’t tell someone how I really feel because I’m so non-confrontational, I can through my poetry or my stories. Also I think deep down I want people to realize I’m not all sex, sex, sex, and spankings. *giggles*


3.) Reflecting back, what was your biggest challenge in creating this book?


Oh Chase… honestly, once I decide the concept and direction I would take it, the poems flowed easily.  Formatting for Smashwords was the hardest part of creating Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath. Sad story, but it’s very true. Give me 3 guys to get off and I’m all in…but ask me to be technical, and we are screwed and not in the fun spanky way!


4.) You also have a very popular blog, what can new readers expect to find when they visit your world?


Funny you asked that. I really love my blog. It’s a smorgasbord of all things romantic and erotic. You’ll get a whole lot of naughty and a little bit of nice, but romance is always tangled inside. 


I’m a lifestyle submissive, who has finally taken the journey of a published author after 15 years of dreaming about it.  Readers will find short stories, erotic poetry as well as relationship poetry, sexy, alluring pictures, and little tidbits about Bad Penny. 


5.)  What drives the woman inside, who has such strength to share things so base and honest?


Submission drives me. It’s going to sound cliché, but I am so raw and honest because I’ll never find love by not being such.


Nice girls like me usually finish last, but my question is why? Because we are too nice to share what we are thinking? Too nice to share how we feel? Too nice to be bare and real? Too scared to show our niceties?  So many things run through my head… it’s probably all the above and I want to be the voice for all nice girls out there!


6.) What defines Erotica to you?  


Remember I’m interviewing you later, Chase.  Man… hard questions. *laughs*


Erotica to me is sex on a page…but not just sex. It’s raw emotions, it’s life, it’s romance all rolled into one. It is porn that in my mind I can see, I can hear, and I want to touch.  Erotica done right— allows me to put myself in that girl or boy’s shoes and walk their path. Feel their orgasmic bliss and their sorrows. 


Thank you so much for having me Chase. You rock socks!


Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath


We all want to fall in love and for it to last a lifetime. But life and wishes rarely coincide, so what happens when love dies and you're the only one still holding onto broken dreams?

In Iniquitous Solace - The Aftermath, we get a glimpse into the world of one such lovelorn poetess. Come laugh and love with Penelope as she shares her very soul through her heartfelt words and poetic verse. With this girl you get it all; come walk in her shoes, wear her stripy knee-socks, or even her collar that locks! Though battered and bruised, you will love the spirit that defies disappointment. Penelope Jones picks herself up, dusts herself off and stares life straight back in the eye. 

Iniquitous Solace - The Aftermath. For a different kind of love.




Author Bio—

Penelope Jones, the Iniquitous Bad Penny, is a saucy little minx who will drive you insane with her naughtiness and cheek!  A writer of super sexy poetry and erotic romance - prepare to love both the woman and her works.  Whether you seek a ‘happy-ever-after,’ or a ‘randy-romp for a night,’ Penelope’s the girl for you.  She’s the sauce behind ‘Naughtyville’ and ‘Little Miss Notoriety,’ so come check out her blog for other writing projects, and what’s next for her at Bad Penny’s Always to Blame!  It’s a visit you’ll never forget!





You can reach Penelope Jones…


Twitter: @Penelope_Prose

Fetlife: TheVeryBadPenny
My 5 Star Review of This Revealing Book of Poetry

This is a brave book that is not afraid to take you on a journey, a relationship that started in the shadows and ended in pain and loss. The highs will have you soaring, the lows will have you saddened, hoping the author finds her better tomorrow. She doesn't hold any punches, and the words flow with raw intensity, including everything we have all felt in a doomed relationship that we thought was The Relationship. Life takes turns, and so does this book with emotional and sexual highs and lows. One thing is for sure, you won't stop turning the pages to find out how she ends up feeling in the end. Open this book, make a friend, and listen to her heartfelt words as she talks about love won and lost and the Aftermath left behind.


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  1. I really had a good time doing this interview!! Thank you for having me Chase! You rock my stripy knee-socks! *giggles* And honestly I'm still blow away by your review. Thank you so much for the kind and honest review. WOOT!

    Bad Penny

  2. Raw and honest. Excellent piece. Chloe Thurlow

  3. Great interview, mainly due to the wild answers! lol
    Felt a little to formulaic to me. like the questions were preset rather than grew from Penny's replies, but i can understand that may have been all you were able to do.
    The information after it rounded it off nicely, and I will be following you in future. :-)

  4. Thanks Jonathan... Glad in the end you enjoyed it! :)

    Bad Penny